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Bruce Wayne loves the sistas ;)

I knew it! I just knew it! Damn I'm good! Lol, sorry I'm just really excited people, this is something fresh and new! Thanks to my friend Derpetta V. Greene for posting an article on Facebook about the news on Batman vs. Superman, the article goes on to talk about Bruce Wayne's love interest. Stated from CBM..

"Alright, let's move on to other tidbits. We know that Bruce Wayne is getting a love interest in the film, but what you may not know is that WB really wants to cast an African-American actress for the part. I'm told by my source, that Ben Affleck will be reading with several actresses this very week to see if they have chemistry. This will be a committed relationship, not just a one night stand. It's so serious, that she will know Bruce's superhero identity."
(Eyes are wide open) I take in a deep breath and yell like a crazy NERD! It's a yell of excitement, the character is obviously Jezebel Jet from Grant Morrison Batman R.I.P. (took me almost all day to finally realize), this is when Jezebel figures out Bruce Wayne is Batman. I am a sucker for Grant Morrison's style of Batman and from the news of BVS, Grants' work is being used a lot in this film! From Lex Luthor to Superman (All-Star Superman.)

So yes my dear Batman fans...Batman does love black women and much more than that..but we will keep it PG. I don't want to tell you too much about the character Miss Jet, I do encourage my readers to pick up the comics or do some research, she's a badass and their relationship is pretty unique. But I'll give you some info from DC Wiki:

Jezebel Jet is a former model who now runs a small African country. She first met Bruce Wayne at a fundraising party held at a London art gallery he attended at the behest of Alfred Pennyworth, who thought his boss needed to get back in touch with his "Playboy" persona and could use do with some "gossip column" stories in newspapers.
She showed him around the art gallery, talking politics of charity before splitting off from him to talk to another potential donor, declining to give him her phone number citing his reputation and her disinterest in becoming a "Wayne girl."
The two get together later on a ski vacation, during which Wayne presented Jet with a rare Pennyworth Blue Rose and launched one of his ski poles at a paparazzo videotaping them together, mistaking him for an assassin. Wayne told her various lies about his love of "dangerous sports" to explain away his bruises and injuries that came from his night life at the beginning of their relationship, a relationship that was monitored by Talia al Ghul in her continued interest in forming a life with Bruce Wayne and their son Damian.
The relationship was also heavily monitored by various tabloid journalists who reported their every move, though with embellishments and speculation.
Near the end of Batman R.I.P., it is revealed that she (Miss Jet) was an agent of the Black Glove all along.

Warning: This is scattered information about the two characters relationship and there's much more if you read the story. There is a gruesome ending to Batman R.I.P., from how she's described in BVS I think Miss Jet will be around for quite a long time on the big screen so the story can build up their relationship.

Readers how do you feel about this character? I'm excited about this movie, they're always coming out with interesting news! Some are dumb and some are cool but at least it keeps me pumped for the movie!

By the way- Jaimie Alexander is not in talks for a love interest with Bruce Wayne. She's in talks about Wonder Woman and it's most likely she will be making a cameo as Diana not "Wonder Woman" as in she won't be in her WW costume. Every other actress that is rumored or supposedly picked is mostly for Wonder Woman, no one has mentioned WW is the lover. They always mention WW and Bruce's lover separate as two different characters. Many of these are rumors or theories but there's a HIGH chance of this storyline being used because from the news we are getting about Batman in the Superman sequel, it's very similar to Bruce/Batman story with Miss Jet. No matter what, this is good news and a fresh new character. We will all have to wait till 2015.


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