ByChris Fields, writer at
Chris Fields

This week marks the 50th anniversary for Doctor Who, yes this show is older than most of you reading this article. I could totally geek out and go into detail about this show. I have been a fan ever sense I watched the rerun episodes on Saturday nights on PBS when I was 7 or 8. I have truly enjoyed the revitalized series, as most shows are getting rebooted and re-imagined Doctor Who proudly wears it's half century with pride.

The BBC has released a 2:00 clip of this up coming up this Saturday Nov, 23 2013, in a world wide simulcast. Here is apparently where/when the David Tennant and Matt Smith versions of The Doctor first meet. But if you ask me it looks like Smith is living out a role of a former version of himself in an old episode.


So what do you think, excited for the anniversary or are you asking "Doctor Who?"


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