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The key to the Fantastic Four reboot casting strong actors who already have a following and work well together in ensembles. Below are my choices.

Reed Richards

An established scientist and genius, Reed Richards is the leader of the group even before their transformation. He should be a master strategist and someone who is difficult to relate to but would effectively lead the team and my pick would be Andrew Lincoln from The Walking Dead.

Susan Storm

The Invisible Woman is a mother figure to the team but more importantly she links the other members together. Strict with Reed her husband, and Johnny her brother, she is truly the most level headed of the group and has clear focus and direction. My pick would be Yvonne Strahovski from Chuck and Dexter. However in light of casting news with Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm, if they stick with Sue being his older sister, I would cast Kerry Washington opposite Lincoln and Jordan.

Johnny Storm

The Human Torch is the wildcard of the Fantastic Four and plays by his own rules. He should be a rule breaker who is criticized by the other members of the team but often achieves results. It is is also important that he is younger than the rest, being Sue’s younger brother. Let’s say it is confirmed that Michael B. Jordan will be playing him. I think Michael B. Jordan is a good pick, he is certainly young enough and I think he can bring the temper and some naiveté.

Ben Grimm

Lastly, the actor who Plays the Thing has to have a certain physical appearance as well wide range, as he is the one who undergoes the most apparent and obvious physical changes. He has a good sense of humor but is serious when the time calls for it. My pick would be Dean Norris of Breaking Bad, he was the only clear choice to me.

What do you think? Agree, disagree?

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