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There are a variety of holiday movies I watch around the Christmas season: A Christmas Story, Love Actually, and Miracle on 34th Street all come to mind. However, the one that is required for me to watch every year on Christmas Eve, willingly of course, is It’s a Wonderful Life. Sure it follows Charles Dickens’ classic “A Christmas Carol” and all its adaptations as closely as you could imagine, but it’s a film that never gets old, has brilliant acting from the entire cast, is gorgeous to watch, has Jimmy Stewart, and is directed by Frank Capra. It feels like there was no possible way that fate wouldn't let It’s a Wonderful Life be a classic.

With the holiday season vastly approaching, news has surfaced that a sequel to the 1946 classic will be getting a sequel in, you guessed it, 2015. Here’s a bit of Variety’s exclusive about the film:

Star Partners and Hummingbird Prods. are collaborating on production of a sequel to Frank Capra’s iconic 1946 movie “It’s a Wonderful Life.” The sequel, titled “It’s A Wonderful Life: The Rest of the Story,” is being financed by Allen J. Schwalb of Star Partners who will also produce along with Bob Farnsworth of Hummingbird. The duo are aiming to get the movie into theaters for the 2015 holiday season. Karolyn Grimes, who played George Bailey’s daughter “Zuzu” in the original, will return for the “Wonderful Life” sequel as an angel who shows Bailey’s unlikeable grandson (also named George Bailey) how much better off the world would have been had he never been born.

The plot idea isn't “bad” necessarily as much as it’s just unneeded. The original is so masterful that expanding the story just feels like a straight cash grab. Not to mention that the title is the worst thing I've heard since Hercules: The Legend Begins. From a, let me quote Elf here, “ginormous” fan of Capra’s film, this isn't something I’m excited for and with it being included in 2015′s movie lineup, it will just be suffocated.


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