ByJuan Flores, writer at
Juan Flores

As many of you have known the CW has created a show titled Arrow following the story of Oliver Queen...Green Arrow. Well the show is in its second season, and because of Netflix and a free day I started to re-watch the first season. Well while watching a scene where Laurel and Johannah are talking Laurel mentioned

A "guardian angel"

Johanna immediately came to the conclusion of it being the "hooded vigilate". Well as I heard that line I started to recall something I had heard in an early version of the reboot to Supergirl. After crash landing, she was taken into the care of an orphanage, taken there by her cousin himself------------->Superman. Though she used her powers to patrol the small town and on the first night she told herself

patrol the town like like a "guardian angel".

So I don't know if this was discovered already due to the fact that I searched the web all over for something about Supergirl in Arrow, yet came up clean in the vast pixel monitor. I don't know if it was a coincidence or just CW and DC trying to test the "super-fans" (pun intended).

All I know is that I heard it, I saw it and I clearly can prove that yes there was a Supergirl cameo in Arrow.


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