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The Lizard - Rhys Ifans

For the Lizard I chose to keep it as it is because in my opinion Rhys Ifans did a good well rounded adaptation of Dr. Curt Connors. He didn't go to far as the scientist and not too far as the Lizard he had a type of purpose in the movie. Even though the facial features of the Lizard were a tad off, it still looked great or the big screen because it didn't look to cartoony or too CGI. It worked so I enjoyed the visual aspect. Overall he would be good to stay as Curt Connors aka The Lizard for The Sinister Six.

Electro - Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx is going to be the main antagonist in the sequel of ASM and I am excited to see what he brings to the table. From what I have seen already from the leaked trailers to the photos of him as Electro I really like it. It is not just the costume wearing Electro but more of a mutated Jamie Foxx and taking on electricity as a whole body. It connects to how Connors got to how he was. I feel even with everyone's doubts about Jamie Foxx being chosen for the role i think he will do fine and up the level to ASM 2.
The Rhino - Paul Giammatti

Paul Giamatti is The Rhino in ASM 2. Even though he isn't going to be the main villain, he is still going to do some damage in the sequel that will lead to ASM 3 and to ASM 4 where the Sinister Six will finally be formed to take on Spidey. We have yet to witness Giamatti in the Rhino suit.

Green Goblin - Dane Dehaan

Now before I had the choice of Mysterio or Green Goblin in my previous article for the character casting, but now I have seen a figure/image of the Green Goblin in the media my only guess is that they will try to portray the Green Goblin as a mutated monster rather than Norman Osborn in a suit; which I think is a really great idea for the Marc Webb series. We have Chris Cooper cast as Norman Osborn does not mean that he will take on the role of the Green Goblin. As far as we can see in the newly posted ASM 2 poster we see a glimpse of a green goblin. Now in the newly trailer we see Norman Osborn ill in bed, so he isn't the green goblin. To back that up reasoning up is if you recall in the first film it is stated that Norman Osborn is ill and need the serum Dr. Connors was working on, so maybe he wont have the ability to be the goblin and his son takes this opportunity during the film. Also the Green Goblin is in ASM 2 due to the fact that we have seen Gwen Stacey in he similar clothes she wore on her death in the comics. So Dane Dehaan is The Green Goblin. As you can put the puzzle together in the first ever ASM 2 trailer.

Kraven the Hunter - Oded Fehr

Kraven the hunter is a great choice because he has probably the best strategic and knowledge to taking on Spider-Man. I think that Oded Fehr would be the best choice for the role of Krave the Hunter in the upcoming Sinister Six team up. Fehr by far has the look locked down for Kraven he has the skin tone the accent and the facial look that makes him seem like a hunter and can pull off the quite recognizable Kraven the Hunter attire. The only thing that worries me is the person Fehr is I have never really seen him cast as a sort of villain in a way in any of his films. He is more of a good guy/hero as seen in the mummy trilogy. In the end I believe him and Marc Webb have the skill to pull of Krave in the Sinister Six team up that we are bound to see.

The Vulture - John Malkovich

The Vulture would be played by John Malkovich in the Sinister Six team up ASM film. The Vulture is by far the oldest and only member who has always been a part of the sinister six. He has the ability to fly and have the bird eye view above the city and Spidey. Malkovich would portray the vulture the best because in all of his films he has a great ability to portray hat he needs to. Also he has the look of becoming Adrian Toomes aka The Vulture. Because the vulture is almost like the first Sinister Six member he can be the person to help "The Gentleman" in recruiting and assembling this team of villains for ASM 4.

In my opinion this Sinister Six team for The Amazing Spider-Man 4 would be the best in the Marc Webb series only because they are all connected somehow to the Ultimate comics and to not have the same villains we've already seen. I know you all have your own opinions whether you agree or disagree with my choice in casting actors and villains, but in the end these choices are whats best for the MCU and for the fans.

Check out the new and first ever trailer of The Amazing Spider-Man 2. And see that so far so good for my predictions for The Sinister Six!


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