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Ortiz David

Feb 18, 2000, audiences across the US were introduced to a relatively small horror/sci fi film, Pitch Black. Vin Diesel quickly stole the show as the anti (and I do mean ANTI) Hero Richard B. Riddick. The film gained cult classic status and still manages to grab my attention when on the Sci-fi network even though I have the trilogy on blu ray. When Chronicles was announced and was focusing on Riddick himself, fans all across the world rejoiced, now we will get to see our favorite murderer return to the big screen and continue his adventures of bad assery.

I walked away from that film with a sense of, well to put it bluntly "whoa". It met every one of my expectations and more, I mean come on, he's a part of a now extinct (or very close to) race of people who are basically a warrior race known as FURYANS!! Not only that but David Twohy and Vin managed to go big, taking us to various crazy unique planets in Riddick's universe. My favorite part was that they were evolving Riddick as a man or Furyan. Now he wasn't just some convict, he was something bigger, something that reminded me a little of the myths of ancient Greece. I didn't feel like I was watching the same man murdering his way through set after set, instead I was watching a man who always thought of himself as waste, not deserving of a happy life and yes he killed but only out of survival it would seem. Now he was the chosen furyan of a legend told years prior.

Back to why most fans wont accept Riddick as he is now, most of the complaints I heard where mostly based around the tone and rating of the film. While yes I do feel like they kinda jumped a drastic tone chasm, I don't feel like the film suffered, because the action and fight scenes were so intense that it didn't really need to be R.

Next complaint I heard was that they managed to make Riddick a this all I have to say is wow, just wow (smacks hand to forehead) really people, I understand you want the same guy back to his murdering ways but that's not really realistic. Riddick isn't a machine (case in point Terminator got really old after 2) , it's completely realistic that the events in pitch black, Dark fury changed something in Riddick, maybe by saving Imam and Jack he was sorta regaining a small part of hope in himself. I'm happy they made Riddick so conflicting- that's the sign of a true character.

Now that Riddick has come out people are finding things to complain about again. Vin is someone who does something that not many other actors do, and that is listen to the fans, so if Riddick sucked it's because fans wanted it that way. I liked Riddick, it displayed yet again another aspect to him we had not seen yet, Riddick absolutely alone and betrayed. If you felt that Riddick was Pitch Black but on a different planet, its because fans where asking Vin to return to the basics return to the R rated bad ass... well we see what you get when you put a limit on Vin and the character, instead of getting an epic finale or 2nd film in a new trilogy we got a step backwards in the overall plot. I for one really want to see Riddick kick the crap out of the Necros and possibly save Jack/Kyra from the underverse.

We all love Riddick, you wouldn't be reading this if you weren't just a little bit a fan of him, all I gotta say is I really hope that all the negative responses to the new film haven't derailed a finale we all deserve to see. Thanks for taking the time to read some of my thoughts on the subject, I look forward to reading your comments.


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