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While there have been several X-Men done wonderfully on the big screen, there are also many examples of ones that were done but underdeveloped, not to mention those that were just done terribly!

Who else was disappointed that Gambit only showed up for five minutes in Wolverine Origins? And since that was set in the past we can now assume that we'll never see him again because of continuity.

OR who was disappointed when Angel, who was in prominent X3 posters and previews but, again, only appeared for about five minutes total and never even put on a uniform!

If we hope to see the X-Men Universe expand and grow we need more mutants! Here are some mutants I want to see soon!


I think this one of the most obvious and much needed examples! If we're introducing time travel in Days of Future Past I think it's a necessity to introduce Cable especially with the upcoming X-Force film! Who else better to lead X-Force besides Cyclops and Jean's time displaced son Cable?


The younger, female clone of Wolverine has some amazing stories in the comics. Including her spicing up the Young X-Men story lines, and her working alongside Wolverine in X-Force. I don't think it's a far stretch to think that Stryker, trying to create his own Wolverine after our Hugh Jackman version left him in Origins, he cloned her sometime between Origins and X2 and she also escapes. I think it would be very awesome to see Wolverine step into a "father" role to her like he does when she first makes it to the school in the comics during the Decimation storyline.


This is a character that most people probably won't recognize, and while there was a similar mutant in Magneto's brotherhood in X3 I'm going to pretend that didn't happen. Anole has the amazing powers of a lizard, he can camouflage himself, crawl on the walls, superhuman speed and OH YA he can regrew his own limbs! In a storyline in Young X-Men his arm was chopped off only to be replaced by a huge buff new arm! His powers and look would translate well to the big screen.


A young muslim girl rescued by Wolverine and Phoenix in Afghanistan, her power is that she can physically change her form into actual dust. She can control that dust and become a sandstorm in which she has taken down jets, and literally torn people's skin off their skeleton. This would also look awesome on screen. Plus she's a minority and we really could use some ethnic diversity in our superheroes, not to mention heroines!


She's maybe still one of the lesser known X-Men but she's been around longer than almost all of them! She joined the team with Havok after Xavier created the original team of Cyclops, Jean, Beast, Iceman and Angel. She was a member even before Wolverine, Storm, Colossus and Nightcrawler.

Her powers are the same as Magneto's even though they're not as far advanced, she is of course his long lost daughter which wasn't even confirmed for decades. I think she's gorgeous, a wonderful example of a hero that would easily make it to the big screen to give us some feminine power and with Havok in FC and DOFP it could easily introduce a romantic element which has been lacking in these superhero ensembles.

There are lots more that I would like to see, several of the kids from Young X-Men make the top of that list but I think I'll save that for another post!

Do you want to see these five make it into our cinematic universe?

Who else would you like to see?


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