ByCarl Poole III, writer at
Carl Poole III

I hope you 'Arrow' fans haven't been as blinded by the, well, um...'beauty' of our intrepid hero's business partner and most recent bedroom conquest, Isabel Rochev (portrayed by the lovely and talented Summer Glau). The hardcore followers of the fandom have taken notice of something. A simple little fact that Oliver Queen after studying his little black book filled with the names of corrupted ruining Starling City for FIVE YEARS should have already caught: Isabel Rochev is on it.

I mean, clearly, the show runners are seting up Glau's character to be bad news for Ollie, but this really clenches it. And oh yeah, she also might be the hidden female figure calling the shots during that island flashback in season 1, episode 22 “Darkness At The Edge of Town”

Mind Blown. Now.


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