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James Chatman

So, another Transformers film by way of Michael Bay. First I have to say that after the second film Revenge of the Fallen and the even more dismal Dark of the Moon, why would Hasbro even think to allow him to do yet a fourth installment? I mean did anyone actually see these pictures and leave feeling like they were even sort of interesting?

I have to just point out that while in the theater trying to wrap my head around Revenge of the Fallen after the first few minutes and honestly hearing Ironhide say "PUNK ASS DECEPTICONS", I literally got up and walked out of the theater and did not regret that decision. I am glad I did because after seeing the entire film later in it's entirety I was underwhelmed and disappointed at the same time. And Dark of the Moon left me feeling the same. Neither one gave anything new in the way of characters either human or robot(except some idiot twins who talked like ghetto rejects) and honestly the story-lines in both didn't make a whole lot of sense to me being that I am from the original Transformers era when the animated T.V. series had just been released.

So, onto the fourth film now called Age of Extinction. Rumors have flown and still continue to fly as to what actual robot characters will be in this one but from so much now seen and things I have read it looks like the Dinobots are a sure thing. I mean who really knows exactly yet but it is looking more and more that the rumors are true. Now I have issue with this and please let me tell you why. I am sure much like the other films that this one introducing the Dinobots will leave out the actual reasons why the Dinobots exist in the first place. Because the Decepticons were actually kicking Autobot ass and based on some information received while in a museum, the Autobots along with Spike, Sparkplug and Chip get the go ahead to create them, to give the Autobots some much needed muscle and firepower. Now they were also not given very much in the way of brains so they were primitive to say the least.


To leave this out or change the origin story of these classic and awesome characters would be, well to me and I am sure others, WRONG! They need to be one set of robots in these films with their story intact and not twisted around, like some other lame cause or reason why they are what they are. I mean for once can something taken from either a comic book and or animated television series be given the right treatment and be allowed to be what they were originally? Well I doubt it since the other three movies did very little to satisfy this in me and so many others that have an interest in these characters.

I mean come on just look at how badass these robots are, were, and could be if someone would stand up and say use this as a chance to make up for the garbage spilled onto film with these other Transformers offerings and give something for once to the fans without whom there would be no Transformers. They are not here because of Michael Bay and his, shall we say vomit that looked like Robots in Disguise. They are iconic because people like me gave them a chance back in the early to mid 80's. They wouldn't be here if not for true fans of the series and I count myself as one of the true fans.

What do you think? Am I too much of a purest? Maybe crazy to expect anything good to come from this newest film. I believe both are true.

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