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17 year old horror fanatic.

CW's show "supernatural" is bringing it back for season 9! I'll admit I kinda lost faith in this show in season 8. But I'm glad I kept watching cause season 9 is bringing back season 1 material! Sam and Dean are now going from case to case like the good old days! That's what Supernatural fans have been missing. It's not all about defeating Lucifer or taking down Lilith or ruining Dick Romans plans. I missed this Supernatural! And the fact they keep bringing Charlie back is something i'm very excited about! The only other thing I hope they do before the show ends is bring Becky back! I don't know if anyone wants Becky back as much as I do, but I think every episode she's ever been in is a funny episode! Supernatural isn't only known for it's hot men and monsters, but also its comedy! There's always a little comedy in every episode. And Becky really brings the funny with her Obsessiveness over Sam Winchester! But lets be honest, who isn't obsessed with Sam and all his shirtless glory?! My only fear for the new season is that the writers will bring back season 7 stuff. Season 7 was pretty much ALL about Dick Roman. You didn't get to see anymore monsters, or hear new legends. You just kept hearing the same information every time! Hopefully the writers keep Sam and Dean going from case to case. It may just restore some of the SPN family's faith in the show. I have high hopes for season 9 of Supernatural!


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