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Amy Martin

There has been much controversy over the years as to who the all time best joker is, but I think it's time to have a closer look at the subject.

When asked, most people will immediately answer "Ledger" as the all time best joker, but is this really the case? Do people just feel the need to say this due to Heath Ledger's sudden passing?

Jack Nicholson has always been my personal favourite joker, as he never failed to make me laugh during the original 1989 Batman movie. Heath Ledger put more of a "Psychotic Clown" spin on the character of the Joker, which is what people generally preferred.

Unfortunately there is also a large proportion of today's youth, who have never known about Cesar Romero and his role as the original 1960's joker.

What is your opinion on the matter?

Romero? Nicholson? Ledger?

Who do you think really was the best joker in the history of television?

Although saying this, is it really fair to compare them? Romero's joker is very old fashioned compared to todays standards, Nicholson is more on the comical side of the character, and last but not least, Ledger was the dark psychotic joker.

Feel free to comment you thoughts below! :)


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