ByAbhi Mozumdar, writer at

So, I watched The Wolverine again today and I must say it is indeed the best portrayal of Jackman as Wolverine! It is quite the Wolverine movie we've wanted...

But that was not what caught my eye. No, it was this little spider emblazoned on the cap of one of the crew member in a scene next to Svetlana Khodchenkova's Viper (a character I had no knowledge of prior to the movies).

Not many know this , but it is a fact that Hugh Jackman's Wolverine was going to be featured in Sam Raimi's Spiderman. Yes, the original Spiderman! Unfortunately, due to a mishap on the set that was not to be and Spidey ended up quite alone in that universe( a mistake I hope Sony doesn't repeat)...

So, is this just Fox trying to remind us of the past? Or does it have yet another meaning?!


As it happens, history has recorded that during the Golden ages of comics, Marvel made a contract with a Japanese television company and produced a Japanese Spiderman! Surely, Wolverine being in Japan and this man wearing a Spidey cap is no coincidence!

You are probably right.. I think too much! But it is fun to speculate , so join in True-Believers and New Comers alike! Let's speculate together.


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