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Avengers 2: Personal Storyline

Since the endings of " [Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073)" and " [Captain America: The Winter Soldier](movie:254973)" are not released yet, this is all assuming that no major changes such as a superhero dying occur.

The movie opens with each superhero just trying to blend into society. Several agents from the [Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.](series:722469) TV show contact each hero (possibly Spider-Man, or any other Superhero Wheedon wants in "Avengers 2") individually giving them a card that has an address and a date on it. Then all the heroes meet up and are catching up when [Nick Fury](movie:589189) opens the door and lets them into one of his secret bases. He informs them about a group of very powerful super humans ([Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch](movie:1081109) and several other super villains) who are creating problems in Europe. Fury tells them that his best men haven’t been able to take them down and he was hoping some of the Avengers would assist them. He admits that the SHIELD scientists have calculated that the Scarlet Witch’s sudden outburst have the power to alter the fabrics of reality. Captain America and Thor volunteer, while Bruce Banner says he will help them seeing the footage of her powers. He realizes her power comes from an energy source similar to gamma radiation. Tony Stark tells them that after the Mandarin incident, he has decided to hang up being Iron Man. However, he predicts that the Avengers may need Iron Man again, so he shows them Ultron in an Iron Man appearance. All of the heroes are frustrated which leads to Tony leaving the room with Ultron still there. Fury then takes Ultron and the remaining heroes to the Hellicarrier. The SHIELD analysts, are testing the iron man suit (due to Stark hacking into the shield computers the last time aboard the Hellicarrier), and they short circuit Ultron losing his Iron Man appearance. Ultron still passes their diagnostic tests. As Ultron, Thor, Captain America, [Hawkeye Solo Movie](movie:1070822) and the [Black Widow Solo Movie](movie:1070824) (and/or any other heroes) go after Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch’s gang; Ultron turns on the rest of his teammates and begins to fight all of super-humans at once. Realizing they can’t take on Ultron separately, Captain America and Thor team up with Quicksilver and The Scarlet Witch while the Black Widow and Hawkeye are less trustworthy due to them remembering the pain that they have brought to the SHIELD agents, and the rest of the Scarlet Witch’s group of super villains have ran away . Although they end up unable to defeat Ultron, an alliance is formed. After the super humans return to SHIELD, Nick Fury takes the Scarlet Witch into a protective room to stop her powers. Fury and Quicksilver argue about it until Fury brings up the terror her power has caused and how some of the best people in the world are on this ship and he cannot risk an outburst of her power. We then see Ultron in a cave or underground lair where he has gained materials needed to create the Vision (possibly a role for Vin Diesel). Ultron sends Vision to create distractions for SHIELD while Ultron gathers more materials. As more and more attacks occur, Iron Man (and possibly War Machine) return to the Hellicarrier. Finally Ultron sends Vision to attack the Hellicarrier while he gathers his most vital power (possibly another cosmic cube). The Avengers are unable to stop Vision due to his intangibility. After much destruction is caused on the Hellicarrier, he stumbles upon the Scarlet Witch and stops attacking the ship. As the Avengers injure Vision at his moment of weakness, he flees the ship and returns to Ultron’s base and tells Ultron he will no longer work for him. This leads to a fight between the two AIs and ends up with the public seeing Ultron and Vision. The battle ends with Ultron being distracted somehow and Vision escaping his clutches. Vision returns to the Hellicarrier and allows the Avengers to take him prisoner and put him in a cell next to the Witch. He begins talking to her and helping her take control of her powers. He opens up telling her how he feels about not being a human and the personal dilemmas that have occurred. Nick Fury and Tony Stark watch the two; Iron Man realizes that Vision is a prodigy of Ultron. Tony Stark races to the jail cell along with Captain America while Fury sends Thor, Falcon, and Quicksilver across the globe to try to find Ultron with Bruce Banner assisting them in the lab. Fury, Captain America, and Iron Man interrogate Vision about what Ultron is building, what he plans to do and where it is located. Vision tells the two that he intends on controlling the minds of all humans on Earth so that he becomes ruler of the world and eventually create enough power from human labor to attack all the other planets in the galaxy and declares himself king of the universe. At the same time Ultron is assembling super villains to protect his machine that will enslave the human race by placing small miniscule Ultron robots into the necks of humans. These chips will allow him direct access to their nervous system giving Ultron complete control of any human he wants, promising these villains that they will still have free will and be allowed complete freedom on Earth. At that moment, Fury explains to all superheroes what is happening from the Intel he gathered from Vision. Stark assists Banner with finding Ultron. This is a possible time for Hank Pym to enter. As all the superheroes that are not able to fly have been placed in a SHIELD jet and put into teams of three, the ones that can fly search for Ultron. Ultron finally receives the final piece of his device to machine (possibly from a super villain in Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain America 2 or any other past marvel movie). Ultron turns on the machine and begins to take over the minds of the humans. Quicksilver discovers the location of Ultron’s lair to be somewhere in England. While Quicksilver tries to fight all of the super villains at once, the Superheroes, realizing the peril they are in, begin opening up to each other, expressing the pain they have gone through being superheroes. As Stark and Bruce Banner fly to England, being driven by Nick Fury, Stark calls out to all of the superheroes giving a moving speech saying how no matter what happens today, we will take down that son of a b***** that I created, even if I have to give up my own life. After his glorious speech, we return to Vision and the Scarlet Witch talking, telling each other the pain that they have felt. Vision talking about not being able to understand who he is, and the Scarlet Witch feeling as if she kills everything she loves. While this occurs the Avengers try drastically to take on Ultron as he turns some of the weaker superheroes against the Avengers. Soon it becomes that the only superheroes left not under Ultron’s control is Thor. Iron Man has figured a way to stop these robots from infecting himself, Bruce Banner, or Fury. They arrive in London and Vision realizes how to stop Ultron but he knows he will need the Scarlet Witch’s power to do so. He and Scarlet Witch find a way to break out of shield’s prison and as Vision begins to flee the ship, the Scarlet Witch grabs the Vision’s hand and looks at him and kisses him. Returning to London as the Thor, Iron Man Bruce Banner and Fury try to free the remaining heroes from Ultron’s grasp with Stark’s serum, the SHIELD base has an alarming notice for Stark and Fury. Three other similar towers have risen giving off similar energy patters as the tower they are. Stark tells the non-controlled heroes to go to the coordinates SHIELD has given them. Vision then enters SHIELD communications to tell Fury and Stark that the only way to stop Ultron is disabling the head tower and that the Scarlet Witch has the capabilities to create an explosion powerful enough to destroy the towers but that they would need to get her close enough. Unfortunately, Vision’s phasing powers are not able to pass through due to Ultron’s barrier surrounding his machine. Vision then flies off to London with the Scarlet Witch and sees Ultron joining the fight while manipulating different humans at different times. Vision then proceeds to tell the remaining superheroes to attack the nearest machines with everything they have. First he drops off the Scarlet Witch with Captain America, Quicksilver, and the Black Widow, as Vision fights Ultron one on one. Hulk then leaps out of the crowds of chaos and joins the fight with Vision and is unable to land a punch on Ultron. Then Quicksilver and Black Widow attempt to make a path through the ongoing fight so the Scarlet Witch can get closer to the machine. As Vision finally distracts Ultron, Hulk is able to land a single punch that knocks off Ultron’s head from his body. As the mind control devices seem to malfunction and all the humans regain control of their memory, wires are coming out Ultron’s head. Eventually the wires reach his body and he returns to his original form. He regains control of the humans that have not taken off their Ultron-bots. At that moment, Hulk and Vision attempt to attack Ultron at the same time, however Ultron has “seen the error in his calculations”, and uses a different style of approach in fighting the Hulk and Vision at the same time. Ultron then sees The Scarlet Witch approaching the base of the machine and he sends messages that control his humans to attack her. Using an attack similar to Iron Man’s repulsor blast to distract Quicksilver and the Black widow from defending her, Captain America, Thor and Falcon fly up and attack Ultron. In the meantime, Iron Man flies off from the battlefield as fast as he can. Eventually, after several attempts from our heroes, Ultron’s humans get their Ultron-bot ripped off of them and the superheroes all attempt to attack Ultron. While they cannot land a blow to him that actually makes a dent, off in the distance Iron Man has found one of past Jericho missiles. He has had Jarvis alter it to target all of Ultron’s technology. Iron man initiates the missile to attack Ultron’s machine in London. The missiles damage Ultron and helps break down the structure, but the Scarlet Witch enters into one of her traumatic outbreaks due to the explosions of the missile, and sends the tower into another dimension. The only thing left behind is the head of Ultron. The villains continue to fight their superhero rivals, until the SHIELD agents come and assist all the heroes that have been exposed to Ultron’s technology. Iron Man and Nick Fury shake hands, and Fury says, “Maybe, you should stick to being Iron Man; no replacements”. The Scarlet Witch begins crying and falls to the ground shaken in her realization of the damage she has brought to all her heroes. Vision walks over to console her. He then sees that she is holding Quicksilver’s body in her arms. Vision sits next to her and wraps his arms around her. Captain America slowly walks over telling her he was one of the greatest heroes he had ever met. Eventually, the rest of the superheroes and the super villains that worked with Quicksilver pay their respects to Scarlet Witch as Vision holds her in his arms.


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