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Rob Gordon Jr.

With Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy in the can and Snyder’s "Man of Steel" flying high, I thought it was a marvelous idea when I heard that Batman would be making his introduction in the next Superman film. Batman and Superman are a dynamic duo and it just seemed like the right thing to do to pair them on screen. I followed the developments and speculation passively choosing to jump into the fray when I felt passionate about a particular aspect of the production (like my opinion is going to sway the numerous producers on this project, right?).

But what if?

What if I did have the ear of the producers? What if I could sit down with them and pitch an idea for the joining of DC Universe’s light and dark heroes? What would I say? I would say that the rumored addition of Nightwing, Robin, and everyone else they can cram into this movie is a bad idea. I would tell them that Superman and Batman can hold this movie down on their own. Flooding the film with characters will muddy the waters and be just too much. You do not need the entire Bat-family hanging around for this.

It is Batman’s first outing and Superman’s sophomore season. There is such a thing as too much too fast. I am assuming that all of this is leading up to a JLA film. We can work everyone in gradually; fill in the blanks over time. Hawkeye and Black Widow were just fine playing second banana to the major players, Nightwing and Robin will do the same.

Here’s an idea,

The film can open in Gotham. A meeting of criminal elements is going on where ill-gotten goods are being exchanged. This meeting is under the surveillance of Batman...

Who, we will learn, has been investigating the theft of technology from several different companies including Wayne Enterprises. Batman is recording the meeting and notes that two of the participants are police. He hangs back and monitors the situation until it is revealed that the cops are bent. Batman intervenes in his own special way.

In the fracas, the bent cops call for back-up before catching the business end of a Dark Knight beat-down. When the fighting is over, GCPD has arrived and they pursue Batman believing him to be the one in the wrong. Batman escapes with the stolen goods and we can see a car chase scene reminiscent of Nolan’s in Batman Begins just minus the wholesale vehicle carnage. The damage is done, however as now Batman is perceived as crossing the line when he pounded the two crooked cops.

Enter Superman

who is conscripted by the US Government, via that General from the first film,

Yeah, that guy, to go to Gotham and apprehend Batman as the police are clearly out of their depth. Anxious to earn the trust of the government he agrees. Clark heads to Gotham to get Batman and write the story about it (hey, he is a reporter after all).

Meanwhile, Batman is investigating the thefts and we learn that the thugs work for Black Mask

(I think he’s perfect since we have not seen him on screen yet and, as an inaugural villain, he is a safe bet). He starts to get a picture of what Black Mask is after (pieces to some sort of device that is able to detect specific types of radiation) but he does not know why. He decides to run a sting at another tech company or the Gotham offices of Star Labs. Black Mask’s thugs show up. He goes to kick ass and Blue-boy comes swooping out of the sky. Batman puts up an awesome fight

and escapes Superman’s clutches (I’m thinking small explosives) but not before Supes figures out who is under the mask and not before Black Mask’s thugs get away with the required part. Surprised at his failure, Superman goes to Wayne Manor and finds Bruce waiting for him. The two exchange terse words where Bruce reveals that he knows who Superman really is, putting them on an even playing field. He invites Superman into the Batcave where he lays everything out for him. He challenges Superman to verify everything promising to turn himself in if nothing adds up. In the process maybe we get to see Lois back in Metropolis.

Meanwhile Black Mask is introduced and we see that he is actually working for someone else. This mysterious benefactor is paying an obscene amount of money for the services of Black Mask’s gang and has become less patient since it is common knowledge that Superman is flying around Gotham.

Back in camp Blue-Boy everything adds up and Superman now understands that Batman is not the menace he has been made out to be. What follows is Superman and Batman engaging in multiple doses of awesome while they bust up Black Mask’s operation and follow the trail of evidence until the final act when they make a play for Black Mask himself. In the shenanigans that follow, the assembled device is pilfered by an unknown individual. Batman and Superman take down Black Mask and all is made good. Superman goes back to the government with a rundown of what is going on, vouching for Batman and keeping his public life as Bruce Wayne secret. Batman promises to keep digging into the fate of the missing device. Roll credits.

Mid-credits scene! Woman in chauffeur’s outfit walks into an office and sets a case down on a desk. The room’s other occupant asks questions as to the efficacy of the acquired device revealing himself to be the mysterious benefactor behind Black Mask. The woman replies positively and informs him that she was able to complete her mission. The occupant dismisses the woman using her name (Mercy) and opens the case. A hunk of rock-crusted crystal is revealed and we get a look at Lex Luthor.

Sound awesome? Did we need half the DC Universe? Yeah, didn’t think so. Anyway, if I had the ear of Snyder and the execs this is what I would stick in their ears. What ya’ll think?



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