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Evan Lee

I think people on moviepilot are becoming very stale and unoriginal with their choices of actors. Lex Luthor is bald, but there are a lot of great non-bald actors, they can either shave or wear a bald cap. I will not choose Bryan Cranston, Mark Strong, Billy Zane or Terry O'Quinn. If you're a big fan of Superman and his villains you should know that Lex Luthor was originally created as a man with a full set of hair through the 40's and 50's.

Back in the day, Joe Shuster had different artists doing ghost writing and there was ghost penciling. Same deal. The artist would not be credited for their work. Well, the speculation is that Leo Nowak was filling in for Joe and he made a mistake, confusing Lex with another criminal who was bald. After that, Lex was left as bald in all subsequent appearances. When Lex was given an origin in the 60's, it was explained as the result of a lab accident. Then, after the Multiverse was formed and the distinction between the involvement of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman with the JLA and JSA was created, two versions of Lex were established. Earth-1 who was bald and Earth-2 who wasn't.

In keeping the spirit of Lex Luthor, i'm choosing actors on pure talent that can bring this character to life and from research tells me, he can be played by any race or ethnicity. So, here are my choices! (none are in particular order, all talented actors.)

Jason Clarke: (Zero Dark Thirty)

Michael Stuhlbarg: (Boardwalk Empire)

Matt Damon: (The Talented Mr. Ripley)

Denzel Washington: (American Gangster)

Brad Pitt: (12 Monkeys/Fight Club)

Chiwetel Ejiofor: (American Gangster/12 Years A Slave)

Mads Mikkelsen: (Hannibal)

Javier Bardem: (Skyfall)

Michael Fassbender: (Shame)

Benicio Del Toro: (The Usual Suspects/Snatch)

Michael C. Hall (Dexter/Gamer)


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