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Malcolm Merlyn, China White, and Constantine Drakon. CW’s hit ‘Arrow’ has already seen its fair share of villains pulled straight from pages the DC universe. However, take a less casual flip through the Green Arrow comic and you’ll know the best are yet to come (or in some cases, have been laying in wait all along.)

Bad guys to look for on ‘Arrow’:

Reverend Billy Miggs

He’s head of a high tech terrorist organization/church called the Southern Order of Change. These killer fundamentalists are rolling with bombs, lasers and flying battle suits (a la Iron Man). Rev. Miggs kills and kills, always believing he is in the right in God's eyes.

Carrie Cutter (Cupid)

Carrie is the ultimate fangirl. A former spec ops soldier, she volunteers for an experimental enhancement program that makes soldiers fearless. It fails, but it gives her increased strength and heightens all her emotional states, especially feelings of love. She later becomes so completely obsessed with Ollie that she picks up the broken tip of one of his arrows and carves a heart with an arrow through it on her chest. Then she begins killing off Green Arrow’s enemies in the hope that she may begin to fulfil his hearts desire, saving Star City. With dozen of names still on ‘the list’ of people who have failed Starling City, Cupid could be very busy in future episodes.

Danny Brickwell (Brick)

Originally a henchman for the mob, his aspirations lead him to build a criminal syndicate of his own after a devastating event creates a power vacant. He’s fits in perfectly with the season 2 setting. Brick kills Star City's mayor, suicide bombs the district attorney, and allows himself to be arrested for those killings only to force his release by kidnapping the mayor’s infant daughter. This guy is NASTY. Introducing Brick to Arrow’s Starling City will also be good for showing off a villain with true meta-human abilities. The CW show has made a habit of downplaying anything superpower-y. The Flash showing in a couple of weeks should end this trend, so Danny Brickwell’s invulnerability and super strength would be cool to see. I mean, the man destroys his competition by having a sit down with all his uptown mob rivals, blowing up the building the meeting is being held in while still inside, and then walking out from through rubble unharmed. (WOW!)

Thomas Bolt (Steelclaw)

A mayor of Star City who is eventually exposed as criminal mastermind, he isn’t exactly the worst bad guy Green Arrow has to deal with. His motive for taking over of the drug underworld is to keep it from getting out of control and hurting more citizens than it has to. The road to hell is paved with good intentions, right? This is a villain that Green Arrow and Canary team up to take down. Now that Starling City is minus one mayor (episode 204 ‘Crucible’), Thomas Bolt showing up isn’t so implausible

Jade Nguyen (Cheshire)

The beautiful French/ Vietnamese mercenary isn’t a rival of Green Arrow, but of soon-to-be sidekick Roy Harper. Jade has ties to both Slade Wilson and the League of Assassins, so an imminent appearance on the show seems logical. Also, Roy Harper and Cheshire’s battles eventually lead to a strong romantic interest. They even have a daughter together, Lian. I’m seeing a juicy Roy/ Jade/ Thea Queen love triangle coming on, the kind that the CW loves in its shows.

Nyssa Raatko

This is the child of Ra's al Ghul we deserve, but not the one we know well right now. Nyssa is the older (much older) half-sister of Talia al Ghul. Born in 18th century Russia, Nyssa later joins her father in the League of Assassins as his second in command, all this happening BEFORE Talia al Ghul is even born. Nyssa Raatko showing up on ‘Arrow’ could give the show its first chance to deal with magic. Nyssa does have use of her own Lazarus Pit, allowing her to survive until modern times.

Nyssa is confirmed to up for an appearance on the show, (portrayed by Spartacus's Katrina Law) so we will soon see her in action. She is, by far the worst of the two sisters.


That’s right. Ollie’s ‘flashback island’ love interest is all snuggles with him now, but if she ever shows up in the present timeline, things might not go so smoothly. In the comic, Shado is a well-trained assassin in the Japanese underworld. Green Arrow meets up with her on several encounters, both as an aid and adversary. On one of the these occasions, Shado has to nurse a badly wounded Oliver Queen back to health. During this time, as he lies medicated and recovering, Shado well, um…*coughcoughrapeshimcough*. She later has his son and names him Robert, after Oliver’s father. Clearly, the CW has chosen to soften up their backstory a bit, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Shado shows up soon as a problem for ‘the Hood’ and with a baby in tow.

Slade Wilson (Deathstroke)

Slade Wilson, for most of his existence in comics, has been a villain. A former soldier, hunter turn mercenary and assassin, Slade Wilson volunteered for a medical experiment that increased his intelligence, strength, durability and agility. Slade’s right eye is destroyed by a shot from Green Arrow and Slade vows revenge. This part of his comic book backstory has been quietly hinted at by writers of the show. They have shown Slade’s ‘Deathstroke’ mask propped up on the beach of flashback island with an arrow thru the right eyehole in the opening scenes of both the pilot episode of season 1 and the premiere of season 2 called ‘City of Heroes’.

To me, it’s like the writers are desperately trying to warn us, “NO, NO, don't trust him! Slade’s still evil!” Slade is portrayed by another Spartacus alum, Manu Bennett, who as of season 2 episode 7, is starting to look more and more like the Deathstroke we know and love.

Once Slade finds his way off of flashback island, Oliver Queen could face with one of the worst killers in the DC universe.


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