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For those not in the know the Titans are a group of former superhero sidekicks that were originally known as the Teen Titans and then Young Justice. I feel that with the Avengers, X-MEN, Batman, Etc. being such Hugh hits, and all the talk about a possible "Justice League" or "Wonder Woman" movie that the younger audience and it's heroes are being overlooked.

I feel that a "Titans" movie would not only solve that problem, but have a very real need and purpose within the movie industry itself. The Movie industry is having such a hard time casting actors for it's movies because a lot of people now don't read comics or watch TV like we did up until the Millennium. Therefore, the actors either don't know or don't appreciate the character's background and wind up messing up the part which in turn, ruins the franchise. Same goes for some writer's, producer's, and director's.

If someone took a chance and made a Titans Movie/TV show right, it would become a franchise akin to the "X-Men" and give the actors a chance to play a character like Robin for a few years, then Nightwing, and finally Batman. So that just like in the comics, you see the character's/actor's metamorphosis as s/he grows up. Also, as new younger actors come up you could have them take over the other roles vacated by the older actors as they outgrow the old persona.

That being said, I would go with an older group of Titans for the first movies using actors in their 20's to fill the roles. Since the Titans have a rotating roster, I am going with an eight member team consisting of the New Earth team (Flash/Red Arrow/Raven/Cyborg/Wonder Girl/Changling/Starfire) plus Nightwing.

I chose this roster because half of the characters are well known from being on TV (Red Arrow, Flash, Cyborg) or are rumored to possibly be in other movies (Nightwing) and the other half are less well known. I feel that this mix would give a Titans Movie/TV show wide appeal due to having a built-in TV and Movie fan base for older fans as well as using the introduction of new heroes to draw in newer fans.

With that in mind my choices for a possible Titans Movie/TV show are as follows:

Flash-Grant Gustin (23- known for Glee/Arrow),

Red Arrow/Arsenal-Colton Haynes (25-Arrow/Teen Wolf),

Raven-Odette Annable (27-House MD/The Unborn),

Cyborg-Aldis Hodge (27-Leverage/The East),

Wonder Girl-Eleanor Tomlinson (21-The Illusionist),

Changling-Thomas Brodie-Sangster (23-Game of Thrones),

Starfire-Debbie Woll (28-True Blood, Mother's Day), and finally

Nightwing-Shiloh Fernandez (27-Red Riding Hood).

As you can see I have picked some people that already are playing the same part on TV. I did that, and picked mainly actors that have been in both TV and Movies that were successful because that way it doesn't matter if you make it a Titans Movie Franchise or TV Franchise first or do both (like Star Trek did) since you have the same actors under the same contract playing the part ultimately saving millions of dollars on the budget.

A Titans TV show could serve to introduce the characters to a wide audience and then be followed up by a movie or movie series utilizing the same actors. Also, the fact that a Titans Movie would work as either an introductory Lead-in or a Follow-up movie to the "Justice League" should make it appealing to the studios.

What do you think? Is it time for a Titan's TV show or Movie? Would it help to fill a void for DC fans until Justice League comes out? Do you think it should be a Movie or TV franchise first?

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