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Shayne Fisher

Everyone loves a good game. You're a gamer no matter what, its just what game you play on what system. I say this because i was raised cradle to the grave as a gamer. I'll play till im dead. but i also love me a good flick. My idea of a easy Saturday is a cool brew and flipping on something cheezy like Evil Dead 2. Now i know what you're thinking, this guys a gamer and he's gonna rant about how the movie industry is bastardizing games. No not true. In fact its influenced it so much you have no idea.

First off, we've come a long way since the dreaded days of Super Mario Bros with the directors who obviously watched way too much Blade Runner instead of playing the game they were charged with bringing to life....Granted that game was likely created while on 'shrooms. Still, i'd pay to see Dumbo just to see the bubble elephants. Now we've got movies like Doom or Scott Pilgrim that although yes, they weren't exactly the same, do capture the essence of the story. For example, the movie Doom, was a soldier running around blowing demons to hell while finding out what caused the planet he was trying to get off of to be desolate and dealing with personal issues. Game, Soldier blowing demons to hell while in Hell, and trying to get off the rock and dealing with demonic issues. You see the thread there? Now we've got directors who actually care enough to very likely do their homework if they want their expensive-as-sin-to-make movie rake in some cash. Dont give them grief WHILE the movie is being made unless you know they're bastardizing it, then let me know so i can have a few words with 'em Gambini style.

Next up, games have evolved so far beyond pong it'll make your head spin more than the screw on head. Take the upcoming Mass Effect movie coming up. Really they have both a easy job with the scripting and a toughie. its easy cause most games nowadays are better than movies, Gears of War while yes, had more gore than a Tarantino flick, still had a central dramatic story, had characters that you could relate to, and was funny in some parts, dark, but funny. The ME people have it easy cause the story is rich with excitement and have very excellent characters. Oh and then there's the whole Shepard can be a boy or a girl thing that actually swings in their favor. Since there is no actual face in the game, you can hire anybody whose body fits the requirements of portraying a badass soldier and whose acting skills can execute a character of such high calibur. Theres somebody out there who can do it, and you don't have to match their face to the character. The hard part is they probably care too much, listening to people whine about there being choices and sometimes the squad members die or get saved. Look. When you do that, you forget the overall plot. The galaxy is getting its ass handed to it, people die no matter what, you're a single person going up against an enemy who could (and probably did, the bastard) eat the empire state, the statue of liberty, and the eiffel tower in one bite while staring at you with its laser eyes. Thats plenty dramatic people. It doesn't need to get Twilight up in here. So whether ME the movie makes it (and i bet it will, as long as you stop picking at it, yes you!) Theres a backlog of games that deserve and will very likely be inevitably reincarnated on the silver screen as producers are becoming increasingly desperate to toss more big names that will produce high turnout. Comic con is cool, but theres not too many comics EVERYONE knows about. And everyone is fed up with sequels. If i have to see another 80's show remake, i'm going clubbin with my nine iron and i know i wont be alone.

The reason the video game industry is getting so good is because video games had a monstrous influx of very underpaid and underappreciated writers during the writers strike in the mid 00's. So suddenly the writers who made movies good, gave the writers of games some advise before they returned to the basement *cough* Dungeon *cough* never to be seen again. Still, you notice high quality, long story games like Dead Space, Bioshock, Gears of War, Mass Effect, L.A. Noire, and etc. are literally lining the shelves that are starting to turn more into movies you can play. . . . Actually there is one being made like that now called Two Souls, its got Ellen Page in it, face and all. So place your bets people, whether we like it or not, the gaming industry is starting to look juicier and jucier to desperate directors looking for scripts both original and well known as Comic Con is starting to run dry (I mean you gotta be desperate to do a Green Hornet movie....Even if it was funny as hell) what with the Avengers finally now out and on Netflix with Joss Whedons other well liked masterpiece Firefly. Remember that game you played as a kid? They might remember too. And they might realize you'd pay to see it as a movie. But we have to be the voice that says something constructive like "use the boomstick, Luke!" Instead of heckling from the get go with "You're butchering it, youre a terrible director for trying!". its gonna happen, but people need to support it else we get the Halo Movie debaucle again. We wanted it, Peter Jackson/Neil Blomkamp wanted to do it, but the higher ups (Universal Studios) saw our massive collective cynicism instead of our excitement and said no. Its not a matter of IF a classic game will be moviefied or turned into a TV show, its a matter of which ones up first to bat. I got a $100 on Bioshock! And i wanna see it go out swinging!


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