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The Caped Crusader has got lots of cool looks but which is the best?

Batman has gone through many wardrobe changes, just like the Doctor it is always different. I'm going to countdown my favorite Batsuits. With this list I'm going to establish a rule: It has to be Bruce Wayne, which means no Dick Grayson, Azrael, Jason Todd, or Terry McGinnis. Only Bruce Wayne counts on this list.

10. New 52 Suit

I despise "New 52" storylines for almost every hero so far...but if there is anything I'll give "New 52" credit for it would have to be the suit redesigns and Batman's I think it pretty cool. But its still lack luster in comparison to other suits on this list. I like the new symbol and texture and that pretty much all I have to say.

9. Earth One Suit

I'm a fan of how this suit kind of redesigns the Michael Keaton suit and symbol. The dark blue color scheme is definitely a plus in my book. But other than that, again lack luster in comparison to others on this list.

8. Injustice Gods Among Us Suit

This suit just interests me, the more I look at it there is more to decipher. The combination of dark blue, gray, and black is a nice touch, they improved on the armor look which I usually don't care for on Batman but this pulled it off. The symbol is the new generic symbol but I had no problem with it, the ears looks a little off but overall I enjoy this outfit.

7. Alex Ross Suit

I LOVE all of Alex Ross' artwork for DC and I especially love Batman's outfit. The simplicity just does everything for me. I have always liked it better when Batman has a cloth uniform on, when they use armor to me it 90% of the time looks off (I'm looking at you Nolanverse.) I am also a fan of how in the light the cape and cowl look like a dark purple. Speaking of cloth our next one has a similar look and texture.

6. Batman the Animated Series Suit

And that's Seasons 1-3 suit not the redesign seasons' suit. I like that suit but this suit is the better of the two. Another one done with simplicity but well done with the dark blue colors when lights shine on the cape and cowl and the dark blue on the inside of the cape. I like to think of this one as the perfect remake of the Michael Keaton suit combined with classic Batman.

5. Hush Suit

I love the bright blue tone of his suit here, most dark comics try to make him all black or dark gray with black, no this one managed to have a bright look but a dark toned story and I think its well done. This suit reminds me a lot of Batman the Animated Series but in some ways its improved: the new symbol is a nice touch and color scheme does a lot for me.

4. Arkham Origins Suit

When I first saw this suit I groaned and just thought it was a rehash of the Dark Knight suit (which you should all know I don't like the Dark Knight series except Batman Begins) but I as I played through Arkham Origins it grew on me really quick.. I said earlier that most of the time when they use armor for Batman's suit it looks off...that's not the case here. See here the suit actually looks like it actually fits Batman unlike the Nolanverse where the suit squishes Christian Bale's face so much that he's forced to leave his mouth hanging open when he's wearing it so he can breathe properly. Seriously look at him:

Can he even breathe in that thing? Also its god awful suit, never liked it. Either way, I like that the suit is big so that it looks like armor instead of rubber and how it also looks heavy so that Batman has to use his strength to wear it. I really enjoyed this suit.

3. First Appearance Suit

Another example of simplicity, this is back when Batman is first starting out so it kind of makes sense he doesn't have his arm spikes and had something quite different than what he has later. The symbol with no ears I think is really cool, I love the ear that protrude out from each other I think is a nice touch because it resembles more of a bat and I actually like the purple gloves.

2. New Frontier Suit

Imagine Adam West's Batman turned awesome, that's pretty much how I can describe New Frontier's Batman. When you can make Silver Age Batman look amazing, that definitely earns you some credit Darwyn Cooke who wrote this great comic. I am also a fan of how this suit came to be because in the story we first see Batman wearing the First Appearance suit and then suddenly he's wearing this. Well you see earlier he stopped a cult from sacrificing a young boy but the boy sees Batman's silhouette then tries to run away in fear of him. Next time we see him he has Robin at his side and a new look as he says, "Let's just say I set out to scare criminals not children." I actually like that they explain why he changes suits. I love this suit and its too bad others don't try using it. Now the next suit you've probably seen me use a couple times and you'll know why.

1. Batman Noel Suit

The military-esque fabric, the kevlar, the utility belt the symbol combined with the cape and cowl:I love this suit. When I heard they are adapting this suit into the Batman VS Superman movie I fell out of my chair grinning like the Joker. And those are my picks, I know I didn't put any of the Hollywood suits on here and I'll tell you why: Too much black and too much armor. I know they are trying to make it..."realistic" and more ninja like but here's the thing its a story about a man who dresses up like a Batman, you can't make that realistic. Just go with what the comics do great and you'll be fine which is why I'm happy they got rid of armor and black with Ben Affleck.
What do you guys think of my list?


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