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"Queen & Country" the movie! Finally this comic is being made into a movie! British SIS Operative Tara Chace is being introduced to the big screen! Miss Chace was created by Greg Rucka as the star of his creator-owned "Queen & Country" series from Oni Press. He initially played with the idea that she was actually Lily Sharpe, a British agent from his "Whiteout" series. He later decided not to go that route and developed Tara as her own completely independent character.

Yes, the 26-year-old actress Ellen Page is set to star as Tara Chace in the upcoming film. I personally think Ellen Page is a great actress and is great for this role. She maybe short but her BOOMING personality will more than make up for her height and her personality is sure to rub on the audience.

I think one of the two biggest advantages for Ellen is that 1) She has been in situations like this, recently playing as a character in a cinematic video game called "Beyond Two Souls". The actress had to wear a motion capture suit, while she pushed both her mind and body for an amazing performance that will be forever marked in gaming history. 2) Her face, yes I just said her face, Ellen has a very youthful face that actually benefits very well for her character. Having a tough looking sexy chick is always badass but also very predictable when watching a movie like this.

Behind the scenes with Ellen Page in motion capture suit:


Then you have 5ft 1inch Ellen, this creates a character that is very unpredictable and someone you wouldn't expect slitting your throat and blowing up your house with an RPG!

All I can say is....HELL YEAH for this movie! Ellen seems quite excited for this role and is working hard to be in shape as you see in images below- she is walking with her personal trainer and carrying (healthy) groceries:

From the news I've read, Chace will have three films made by 20th Century Fox. As I said before the actress is accustomed to physical work and she does her own stunts! Miss Page will be reprising her role as Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat in “X-Men: Days of Future Past” due out in May 2014.

Ellen Page stated in

“I’m going to be an awesome spy,” Page said “People won’t expect it because I’m this tiny girl and them BAM!, watch out.” The actress added that even though the project has to secure a director, she’s already working out, “trying to get fit.”

Overall I'm very excited about this film being made and even more excited that Ellen Page will be Tara Chace. It's always good to have actors and actresses that have a huge passion for what they do and do their best to make fans happy.

To find out more on how Ellen thinks about the new X-Men movie and more about her role in the film - click the link.

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