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First of all, I'd like to say that this article is an opinion on a FACT. I am majoring in Film Production and have worked on quite a few sets already, so I have an idea of what I'm talking about.

Once the announcement hit that the popular heavily erotic fiction franchise, "Fifty Shades of Grey", would be getting a movie adaptation, fans began casting actors in their minds to play their favorite sex-indulging couple. Popular fancasts included: Matt Bomer (White Collar) and Alexis Bledel (Gilmore Girls). Once Dakota Johnson (The Social Network) was cast as Anastasia Steele, fans showed lots of negative feedback, including comments like "OMG not an Ana at all!" and "How could be they so stupid?? She looks nothing like Anastasia!"

Before I continue, let me enlighten those of you with comments like this. Casting IS NOT based on looks AT ALL. Matt Bomer may mirror a perfect description of Christian Grey, but can he portray the character's dark and descriptive vibes as well? And same goes for Bledel. A lot of fans also don't realize that many of the actors they had in mind DID NOT even audition for the roles of Steele or Grey. Actors are cast based on their quality of acting, their chemistry with the other leads, and the way they capture the character as a whole. It is not based on looks. Looks can be whatever they want it to be in make up (you'd be surprised). And these actors were cast based on their chemistry and character take according to the casting directors in the movie's production.

Many keep blaming Universal Studios, Director Sam Taylor-Johnson, and the casting crew for Fifty Shades of Grey. Instead of placing the blame on them, why don't we research a bit more into WHY they cast the actors they did:

I knew the moment we met Dakota Johnson that we found our Anastasia. She will provide the perfect vulnerability, sass, beauty and courage." - Sam Taylor-Johnson.

And then with Hunnam's honest walkout, Taylor-Johnson, and the rest of the crew agreed that Jamie Dornan (Once Upon a Time) would fulfill the role of Christian Grey, and with their schedule now being pushed back to 2015, they have a lot of time to perfect this portrayal. Not only that, Taylor-Johnson also mentioned that the chemistry between

Dornan even states in his interview from Entertainment Weekly, "...I'm going to do everything in my power to portray Christian Grey as truthfully as possible. I can't guarantee that's going to please everyone--just me being cast doesn't please everyone --but it's happened and I'm going to give it everything." And again assures readers and future viewers on the raunchy sex scenes that will take place: “I certainly don’t fear it."

So go ahead and have your fancasts in your mind, and be happy with them as much as you want, but instead of blaming the crew responsible for the making of the film, try and visualize the difficulty they've had to go through in finding another actor to fulfill the role of Christian Grey. A lot of your fancasts didn't want the role, but give credit to someone who does want the role. And if both these actors really did WANT the roles (since they went to the trouble to audition for them unlike a lot of others), then obviously they do not want to fail and they care about this. Actors can turn down casts if they want to.

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