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The Grey Griffins novel series is written by Derek Benz and J.S. Lewis. Four characters battle creatures from a card game that come to life after one of the characters finds a book called "Codex Spiritus". Max, Harley, Ernie, Natalia are the main characters in the novels. There are six books in the series where the characters fight creatures that terrorize their school, town, family, ETC.

I have been a fan since I was in fifth grade when the first book came out. I am now eighteen and still read the original and the new books that come out. Aimed for a younger audience, the books are fun and adventurous for any reader. Look at Harry Potter and Percy Jackson series. The series has morals and class, no glittery vampires, no people that turn into werewolves, and characters grow and change as the series goes on.

The books need to made into films, its an original idea and its not a remake or sequel to any superhero film. There has been some talk of a movie series for the Grey Griffins, but I hope they get a go for the movies. We don't want a pile up of the books into one movie, like Series of Unfortunate Events or The Spiderwick Chronicles. That would be a horrid idea, we need to have a movie for each book the the viewer doesn't get confused. I am looking forward to get news for the films if there in the works...just rumored. If you have not read the books I highly recommend them for anyone that likes Fantasy/SciFi. The books pictured here are the first book and possibly the last book in the series.


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