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Nelson Summerfield

With Christmas coming up, I'll a story and my thoughts on a Christmas movie i have been obsessed with for many years though i damn well shouldn't be

It came out when I was 7, and I didn't see it in theaters, I stuck with the original animated version, if I had seen it in theaters, my parents would probably have left the theater demanding a refund. It wasn't till a year later when we saw it at my cousins house, and also my Uncle (all of whom like the movie), and as a kid I laughed at some of the scenes with Jim Carrey, and how faithfully it did follow the book (occasionally), and the questionable scenes went over my head, and I watched it every year since. As an adult there are some stuff I appreciate like the set design, and the makeup for the Grinch, and have discovered quite a few people who hate it, and it's easy to see why, I can't say what hasn't already been said "it's ugly, hammy, padded, forced, contrived, it's disrespectful to Dr. Suess's book and the classic Chuck Jones cartoon, it's shot dark and is unpleasant to look at and they're right it's a terrible movie but I still watch it, every Christmas, when it's on TV, start to finish, I even bought the dvd today, why, I DON'T KNOW!, it's so terrible, but I like watching it for some reason.


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