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I just got back from seeing The Hunger Games sequel Catching Fire, and man was I impressed! Sure the first movie for some was an "okay" and an "iffy" movie, but I enjoyed that one a lot. After seeing Catching Fire, I believe that we can make a very well done movie and get most of the book out and into the film. They followed the book very well, that's my opinion. The casting was great and Haymitch was a hilarious once again.

The film followed the book very well as said before, and the set and special effects were beautiful and awe aspiring. You felt the emotion the characters were feeling, it was like you were almost there. I believe Phillip Seymour Hoffman stole the show. He had a unique twist to his character that had to hating him, but wanted to see more of him. Donald Sutherland was creepy and mysterious, he's really good at that in this movie. Jennifer Lawrence was strong and very determined. Josh Hutcherson was a much better Peeta in this film. In the Hunger Games it was almost awkward watching him, but that's just me.

They really leave you hanging at the end, if you read the book you know what comes next. The movie was two hours and twenty-six minutes long and it felt like an hour had passed. I wanted to have an intermission and then watch the third movie. I for one loved the movie and hope if you see it after reading this or if you saw it tonight and just wanted to see what someone else thought of it you agree with me. Please leave comments if you saw the movie, I would like to see what others thought of it. Thank you for reading!


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