ByIsaac Peel, writer at
Isaac Peel

This movie is coming soon and there are rumors spreading about this horror movie that it is automatically banned in 14 countries and that is over the top. I've seen the original but have not seen the second but I know it's gross and disgusting it even made a lady pass out during screening and that there were 12 people in the 'human centipede'.

In the 3rd there is rumours of 150 to 400 people in the 'human centipede'. I think if it's that gross and over the top to make a girl pass out during screening it's over the top, and now the 3rd one has rumours of being banned in 14 countries. I heard Tom Six, the director of the film, is going to make number 2 "look like a Disney movie"... I was in shock going like "wait a girl passes out during screening of the second one and you're saying number 2 is going to look like a kids movie? That is so over the top." The Human Centipede 3 should not be in any state if it's that over the top and gross. I love horror and all but that sounds like too much for me.


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