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Josh Mickle

With word from Sony Entertainment producers that they are expressing interests to have an expanded movie universe with their Amazing Spider-Man franchise (outside a small chance there's a deal Disney/Marvel and Sony made behind closed doors we don't know about), the two characters that are more likely to get a spin-off is Black Cat, and Venom.

For the idea of a Venom spin-off, you have the usual here, Venom gets his own movie, being portrayed as an anti-hero character, but the one other character that will make Sony a lot of money at the box office for a "Venom" Movie is.... Carnage.

If the two were to collide in a "Venom" Movie, a great argument can be made that the movie could go or Should Be Rated R, and if Rated R, a director/producer wouldn't be restricted on how to portray a Carnage on the big screen.

I'm a huge Spider-Man fan and I have no facts to back this possibility/argument up, but if you look at the huge differences between "Olympus Has Fallen" (Rated R) and "White House Down" (Rated PG-13), I prefer Olympus simply because there's no way they make that movie the way they want to with a PG-13 Rating. Which for argument sakes, if you want to do a "Venom" Movie the 'right way' where you have Venom vs. Carnage fight it out, it has to be Rated R to show off who Carnage really is on the big screen.

Am I crazy about this idea for this kind of movie? I'd like to hear your comments/thoughts below. Should a "Venom" Movie be Rated R?


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