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Joel Croyle

Clockwork Angels is the latest studio album by the canadian trio prog rockers RUSH. The album reached number 2 in the billboard charts and number 1 on the canadian charts. It is one of their biggest selling albums ever, and the boys are over 60 years old. Quite a feat. But they didn't stop there. They went on tour with an 8 piece orchestra, made several short films for the tour, and along with Neil Peart, Kevin J Anderson penned an amazing story.

On November 18th, Rush released a concert film in limited theaters. I was able to watch the film. Unfortunately, and most likely the theater's fault, the audio was horrible. It was one of the better concert films I have seen by Rush or any other band visually but my ears just couldn't sync in. The biggest issue is that to go to a theater with 7.1 surround sound and only get the concert in 2 speaker stereo makes no sense to this audiophyle.

As I watched the concert film and thought back to reading the book I couldn't help but imagine a full length movie of the sci-fi steampunk story being made. The story is about a young man who, just like everyone else, has a decided future, or at least a future that is "normal" and "simple". No dreaming of being a rock star or an actor, designer or chef.

The man takes a leap of faith and hops on a fast moving train to find out that the rest of the world isn't quite like his home. He takes a fantastical adventure filled with circus folk, a watchmaker, a anti-establishment terrorist, and the backdrop that only sci-fi can deliver.

I want to start a campaign right now. Let's get RUSH to produce a feature length film of their latest brilliance. Let's get JJ Abrahms on board to make it shine. Let's have the music all be RUSH, past or present or even new songs. They never have really done a soundtrack before, might be interesting. (Although Alex Lifeson did record the theme to the ill fated "Andromeda".)


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