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As I mentioned in my last article, I believe that we can have any crossover movie we want, if the Studios will make use of a character owned by both Marvel and DC as well as share in the risks and rewards of making said films. I don't expect it to happen anytime soon, but I do believe that once Marvel get over themselves and DC get their heads out of their you-know-what these films will be made.

Here is how the character "Access" can help make these films happen, culminating in the hopefully epic X-men verses JLA movie. In the four issue mini-series from the mid-90's it was done like this: First issue, they introduce Axel Asher aka Access, His Girlfriend Ming Kuo-Fan(Whose parents own a restaurant in Chinatown), and explain a little about his powers and his background (read my first access article for more on that topic). They show him seeing VENOM in a vision causing havoc in the DC universe, then show his leaving to change to Access so he can get venom back to the right universe. As he leaves they show Dr. Strange's servant watching him. He then goes to the DC universe as Access just as Venom goes after a woman named Caitlin Fitzgerald and Superman tries to stop him.

Superman doesn't know venom or anything about him and winds up getting his eyes webbed up and getting beat up by venom because Superman mentions that venom reminds him of Spiderman. Venom then takes Ms. Fitzgerald hostage so she can show him around Metropolis. They leave just as Superman uses his heat vision to get his eyesight back and Access shows up to help. Superman blows him off and goes after Venom. Access follows him and teleports himself and Ms. Fitzgerald out of harms way, just as Superman and Venom start fighting. Caitlin asks to know more about him and he tells her he doesn't have time and he leaves. He tries to grab venom, but almost gets pummeled instead. Superman and Venom go back to fighting with Venom almost winning until Spiderman shows up to help thanks to Access bringing him from the Marvel Universe.

Again, He is blown off when asking to help as both Superman and Spiderman go after Venom. As they are fighting Spiderman tells Superman about Venom's weakness to sonic attack. Superman gets Access to go to s.t.a.r. labs with his cape to get a Sonic Generator. Superman gets back to the fight just as Venom is beating Spiderman. Superman tries to help, but he gets caught as well. Just then Access shows up with the Sonic Generator and knocks Venom out. Spiderman and Superman ask Access whats going on and he explains about the universes and how they have to stay apart. He then takes Spiderman and Venom back to the Marvel Universe. Just as they leave Superman tells Access any time he needs help in the DCU to call on him. After they get back to the Marvel U, Spiderman tells him the same thing. Then as Access changes back to Axel and leaves we get a shot of Dr. Strange's house, getting closer to the skylight as it goes and finally resting on Dr. Strange himself as he says, "It Begins".

The second story is of Jubilee and Robin in the series, but I would either not use that story or use it as a secondary story within the third story of Batman and Dr. Strange, since the Robin & Jubilee story features Daredevil and Two-face as well and the Batman/Dr. Strange story is only about trying to figure out how people are crossing over from one Universe to the other. Those stories combined would be the second Movie. Then the last Book is X-MEN vs JLA with seven members from each group fighting to save all of both realities as well as Access trying to decide if he wants to stay in the Marvel U with Ming, the DCU with Caitlin or if there is a way he can do both?

There you have it, folks. So, do you think it could work? would you pay to watch this trilogy unfold? Would it be lame seeing someone save Superman and Spiderman? let me know in the comments section and follow me on [email protected]


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