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The Mad Titan has been the talk of the marvel universe ever since he graced the Avengers after credits scene with his menacing grimace of a smile. We all know that Marvel confirmed him for quite a few rolls in the months following his debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Between the Avengers 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy. Sadly, we now know that Thanos has been pushed back to The Avengers 3 and Phase 3..

Since Joss Whedon came forward and revealed the next Messiah of Massacre to be none other then Ultron. A robotic menace who's destructive exploits will require the avengers initiative to assemble once more. It seems that the Mad Titan's role in Gaurdians Of The Galaxy would have been the soonest chance to catch a glimpse of our favorite Titan, dead bent on winning the affections of the only one he loves once more. The keeper of his affections being none other then Death itself..

Sadly, it seems he has been left out of yet another movie appearance in Phase 2. I say "it seems", because if you have been following the G.O.T.G. Production. It seems as if Thanos (whom was rumored to be making his phase 2 appearance.) was left out of G.O.T.G., and yet another installation of phase 2.

Warning!!!! Thor: The Dark World Spoilers ahead!!!

As we know, each phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has worked up to an Avengers movie.. We are in the Midst of phase 2, and things are getting interesting. With Iron Man 3 starting things off as usual. Earlier this month, the long awaited Thor:Dark World hit the Box Office, and If you caught the After Credit scene of Thor:Dark World. Then You know Benicio Del Toro appeared as Taneleer Tivan aka The Collector. Taneleer Tivan was seen taking possession of the Red Power gem. Lady Sif, and Volstagg of the Warriors Three revealed upon handing over the power gem, that the Tesseract itself happens to be an Infinity gem, and that it would be most unwise to keep two Infinity Gems in one place. Since the Tesseract is blue in color, it would be none other then the Mind Gem.

With 2 Infinity gems emerging we know that Thanos will be dawning the famous Infinity Gauntlet. The Infinity Gauntlet already made a small appearance in the first Thor movie, one of the Easter eggs seen amongst Odin's treasure trove.. When Thanos takes possession of the Infinity Gauntlet in the comic book series, He becomes the 11th strongest cosmic being in existence. Meaning he can lay waste to nearly anything that stands in his way. If everything goes to plan, Thanos will be the final villain of Phase 3, wielding the Infinity Gauntlet. Most likely, The gauntlet will be his key to winning back the affections of Death. Or It could be the key to courting Death for the first time. Only time will tell. You know how they like to rewrite origin stories..

Now that I've brought you up to speed my dear reader. I would like to move on to the main point of this article. Thanos himself can spawn a series of grade A, quality scripts. His Up Bringing on the planet Titan would be a great Spin-Off. Born to the Royal Family of Titan, a moon orbiting Saturn.. He was only given respect by his peers due to his families Rule over his home world. He was born deformed, these deformities are actually part of a rare birth defect caused by the Deviants Gene. This rare genetic trait may flaw his visage. However, they bestow many abilities, including superior strength, speed, and health, and healing abilities... His mother Sui-San tried killing him on first sight.

Thanos was slowly driven mad with hatred towards his family, and people. He thought of nothing else but Death itself. He would meditate holding nothing else but death in his mind's eye.

Eventually, he over threw his family. Slaughtering everyone that stood in his path. Bringing genocide to the once flourishing moon of Titan. He kept alive only those who would serve as his slaves, pawns in his quest for Intergalactic Control.. The act of genocide that Thanos brought upon his Family, people, And planet ultimately wins death's heart. After manifesting Itself into the form of a woman. Thanos finally worked his way into the good graces of the only thing he had ever loved, He was courting death.

The Mad Titan holds so much potential for Marvel and Hollywood. Between His origin, His love affair with death, The Infinity Gauntlet, And Nearly achieving his goal of universal domination by Capturing Eternity, His sister Infinity, and the Living Tribunal into Heart of the Universe.

The Heart Of The Universe was the ultimate weapon of Thanos. He became so powerful that he actually started a rift in the fabric of time and space. This rift was set to destroy the entire marvel multi-verse.

As the universe lay in a state of self destruction, Thanos came to terms with the fact that he had to sacrifice himself. Either way, He was staring his love right in the face. He could hold onto the power he possessed, bringing down all of existence, including the woman he loved (Death). Or he could swallow his pride, Sacrifice himself, and join his love once more in her own cold embrace. For the first time in his life, Thanos saved the lives of millions. He saved the countless characters, scattered across the Marvel Comics Cosmos...

These are just a few of many details that make up the life of Thanos. With his origin alone, Marvel Cinematic can shell out one hell of a spin off. Thanos could bring so much profit to Marvel, and Disney If he were given the green light for spin off movies. Not to mention the other exploits of the Mad Titan's story, Exploits most worthy of Feature Films.

Well, That wraps up my rant. If you have made it this far, I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this in it's entirety. Keep the faith True Believers, And may Death smile upon you all..


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