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Marcus Williams

It's official, DC is currently planning the 'Man of Steel' sequel called 'Superman vs. Batman'. But anyway, the epic showdown that we Superman and Batman fans oh so crave is two years away! I don't know what DC plans to do with these two bad-asses, but I have my ideas.

As far as I know, Lex Luthor is the main villain. But what I don't know is whether DC is going to follow a Superman/Batman story line or arc. I would like either 'Superman/Batman: Public Enemies' or 'Superman/Batman: Apocalypse'. 'Superman/Batman: Public Enemies' would be best for Lex Luthor as the main villain. 'Public Enemies' also has tons of action, but the problem with that is that the 'Superman vs. Batman' movie is supposed to be the two heroes meeting for the first time, and in 'Public Enemies', they've known each other for years and the Justice League is already formed, (by the way, a 'Justice League' movie is supposed to coming in 2017, just to let you know) so a 'Public Enemies' movie wouldn't make sense.

I like 'Apocalypse' more. Not only does this introduce Darkseid, but it also sheds light on an easter egg found in the 'Man of Steel' movie last June. An open pod Clark Kent found in the Fortress of Solitude is said to be the pod Supergirl was in. This wouldn't work because in 'Apocalypse', Batman and Superman have still known each other for years, Justice League is already made, and it also has Wonder Woman, who is also supposed to have a movie of her own which in fact DC is taking too long to make. I don't know, the possibilities are endless!!! But there is one thing I want to happen in this movie more than anything else.

Obviously, Superman and Batman are going to be kicking each others asses in this movie. It's usually a tie whenever they fight. But I was watching 'The Dark Knight Returns' the other day and after Batman beat the shit out of Superman, he said something was just too awesome. He said:

"I didn't have to go easy on you. A different binding agent, a stronger mix... I want you to remember that. I wanted to remind you to stay out of my way. In all the years to come, in your most private moments, I want you to remember the one man who beat you."

If Batman says this in the movie, I'm going to faint. But let me know what you guys think!


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