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"A day without laughter is a day wasted." -Charlie Chaplin .
Evan Lee

This is Mr. Lee, here to present the top 5 superheroes that can be defeated, easily. I'm pretty sure there are more than 5 but this is my list!

5. Wolverine

Apparently he can never go to pool parties or save a little kid from drowning, look on the bright side, he has awesome sharp claws! Slice & dice! Wolverine is an animalistic - ruthless killer but seriously, dude, you can't swim?!

4. Power Girl

Don't f*ck with Mother Nature! I never liked Power-Girl, at all. You're telling me you have similar powers of Superman, minus the weakness of Kryptonite and comics are telling me that this unnecessary giant boobs of a woman has a weakness to "natural elements." Pretty much I can shoot her with a bullet, she'll be alright, if I smack her across the face with a branch, it hurts her....interesting. Next superhero!

3. Green Lantern

If I wear a yellow shirt while wearing a yellow hat, shoes, underwear, socks, pants, and eating a banana. I could defeat the whole Green Lantern Corps? Well, I could strike fear into their hearts, right?

2. Superman

Besides being scared of cats and weakened by a green rock, he hates magic! It has been said that Superman is vulnerable to magic, but they weren't specific, hmmmm..

Me: "Hey, Clark! You want to watch me perform a magic trick?"

Superman: "Dear lord, no! Please, stop!"

1. Hulk

I was going to use Wonder Woman for her male bondage weakness and decided that was too easy. I chose the Hulk! Why? Because he has a gift and a curse, Bruce Banner becomes "The Incredible Hulk", through high amounts of adrenaline, he is a powerful superhero, add that all up and Bruce can't do the dirty. I just went there, that's such a terrible superpower that it becomes a weakness. He can't even get a little excited around women or else, BOOM! He becomes a killing machine with a limp noodle, poor guy.

"You mad, bro?"


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