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Since I did the Top 10 Batman Suits in my last article I thought I would do my favorite superhero of all time next. This list is going to be shorter than the Batman one because one, Superman doesn't have as many variations of the suit, and two, there are a lot of bad Superman suits out there... which I will get to on another article.

5. Superman the Animated Series Suit

This is more of a nostalgia thing for me. I loved the series but I do like the design of the suit, its the basic Superman suit but Bruce Timm and Paul Dini were able to make it cool again. That's pretty much all I got.

4. Man of Tomorrow Suit (1971)

This is the suit that established the basic Superman suit used in the Christopher Reeve films, Superman the Animated Series, etc. I really like for that reason, its iconic but its not in my top three.

3. Up, Up, and Away Suit

This is the suit that bears a striking resemblance to the suit from Man of Steel, I wouldn't be surprised if Man of Steel was inspired by this suit. The simple artwork I love, I like the shade of blue, the black, red, and yellow symbol which obviously inspried the Man of Steel symbol.

This in my opinion is my favorite Golden Age Superman suit.

2. New Frontier

Okay so as you can probably tell by my Batman list and Wonder Woman article that I am a huge fan of New Frontier. Well...yeah, it managed to recreate the Golden Age of superheroes in a darker yet bright light, such as the case with the Superman suit. It sort of combined Up, Up and Away Suit and Man of Tomorrow suit and created a very interesting yep simplistic looking suit.

And you probably already know what I'm going to say if you follow my articles so say it with me.


1. Man of Steel Suit

Yes I liked the suit that much. The removal of the underwear, the material, the long cape, the Up, Up, and Away inspired symbol, the dark blue tone. I like how it is similar to chain mail, I like the metalic material on the sides and at the end of the sleeves. In my opinion, Man of Steel did Superman perfect in so many ways and the suit is definitely one of them.

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