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As I was looking through the IMDb today, I ran across the page for the (hopefully) upcoming Venom movie. At first I was stoked at this news until I got to reading the information that they have on the project so far.

According to the page Avi Arad (Spiderman, X-MEN, Ironman) is producing, which should be a good thing. Also attached is Todd McFarlane (Spawn) Who is known as the creater of Spawn and has written almost all his video games and TV series about that character. This could be a good or bad thing because he will most likely write Venom as a similar type of character to Spawn (dark, edgy, violet). This would be a good thing in a spiderman movie, but according to the IMDb page it is a Venom vs Carnage movie. So, if you have Venom as an already dark, edgy, and violet character and he is supposed to be the good guy how much worse are they going to have to make Carnage in order for us to be sympathetic to Venom?

So, depending on the rating of the movie, it could really be terrible. This isn't McFarlane's fault entirely, after all he writes how and what he knows. Next, they have Josh Trank. Unlike the other people mentioned, He is only RUMORED for the project at this time. He is Directing the Fantastic Four reboot, and so far has only cast Michael B. Jordan as the Human Torch.

This news in and of itself has people talking. Is he going for an all-African American Fantastic Four or is he going for a mixed Family? How will this affect who is cast as Sue Storm since she is his sister? Will her husband, Reed Richards be the same race as she is or a different race? How well will this interpretation of the Fantastic Four be received?

So, if Josh does direct a lot of questions will most likely arise on this movie as well. Of course, Some people are of the opinion that all buzz is good buzz but I personally don't agree. Then as I looked over the Venom page and finally got to the Storyline of the film, all my hopes for this being a good movie even with Arad and McFarlane attached were dashed.

According to the Site itself, Venom is not going to be our Familiar 30-something Eddie Brock, but rather a 19 Year Old Flash Thompson instead who works for the U.S. Government as Agent Venom! To me this is on par with having a Green Lantern movie with Guy Gardner before introducing Hal Jordan or John Stewart. So, I feel that using the Information we currently have on the movie that when and if it comes out Venom will flop, even more so if it doesn't get an R rating.

So, do you agree or disagree with my findings on this project. How do you feel the movie should be rated? Do you have any favorite actors to play in the movie and what plot do you think the film should use?

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