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Anthony Guiseppe Morelli

'Ender's Game' was pretty good. I haven't read the book, but from what I hear it was a pretty strong translation to the screen. The movie is an intense, capable action thriller that is very thought-provoking. The performances are great, and how can they not be with such an amazing cast. Asa Butterfield is a very good Ender. Through the film he builds his character up to be a strong military leader, while still conveying the childishness that is still inside him, and Butterfield handles the complex moral center of the character, especially when it comes down to how he feels about the war.

Harrison Ford is also great, although it feels like he could have done a little less "barking" like he usually does. The visuals are great, the score adds to atmosphere of the movie, and the movie is short (just under two hours). The only issue with the movie being short, however, is that a lot of important and character developing parts seem to be sped through, and it makes those scenes lose some emotional resonance.

Overall, a strong film, but not a great one.

7 out of 10 stars.


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