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Amandla Stenberg had her debut as the daughter (Macy Irving) of Captain Irving (Orlando Jones) in this weeks episode!

Not only did we get some cute Jenny and Captain Irving scenes we got some major plot revelations. Such as:

  • Katrina had a baby, a son to be specific.
  • Abbie is related to Grace Dixon, the woman who helped Katrina give birth to her son.

We had the creepy monster of the week, this weeks being a horrifying scarecrow that nearly ate Lena Gilbert alive inside her great ancestors home. She was the victim of the week but got saved by Abbie & Ichabod. All Ichabod wanted was to have a nice Thanksgiving with his wife, he wanted to be thankful and spend time with Katrina but as it seems that won't be happening just yet. As usual Ichabod and Abbie and some adorable moments together and the monster of the week got his ass handed to him by Ichabod.

Sleepy Hollow 1x09 Sanctuary was as usual a phenomenal episode. It will be back in two weeks, have an episode in December then finish up in January just in time for The Following to return!


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