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I've always wanted to see Deathstroke in his own film, but with DC's film franchise tanking the way it is, the chances of Slade Wilson seeing his own solo film are getting ever slimmer.

But could the Teen Titans' greatest foe be the savior of the Batman film title? It certainly a viable option. Deathstroke and the Caped Crusader have battled on more than one occasion, and for more than one issue.

So, here's my idea. Bruce Wayne has been Batman for maybe twelve years, and Gotham is well on her way to becoming the City Wayne dreams of, all under the watchful eye of the Batman and Police Commissioner Jim Gordon. But the Royal Flush Gang is still running their contractor, Count Vertigo's, drugs. The police receive a tip from a mole inside the Royal Flush Gang, giving them the location of the next transaction, and Batman investigates. Vertigo receives word of Batman's interference, and he hires contract killer Slade Wilson, aka Deathstroke, to protect the next shipment. Wilson initially refuses, as he has a daughter, Rose, to shelter from the life her father leads. To ensure Wilson's cooperation, Vertigo kidnaps Rose, threatening to kill her if her father continues to refuse to accept the contract.

Deathstroke, in fear for his daughter's life, begins escorting the shipments, and this draws the attention of Batman, who is initially defeated by Deathstroke. Deathstroke pieces together the identity of the Batman based upon Gotham City newspaper articles, and attacks Wayne Manor. The two talk as they battle across the estate, and Wilson reveals that Vertigo has Rose and they concoct a plan to get her back and end the drug ring. Deathstroke is apparently killed in the battle, redeemed for his earlier transgressions. But as Vertigo, armed with Slade's sword, prepares to impale an injured Batman, Slade stands up and shoots him through the head. Rose and her father take their leave, and Batman delivers the unconcious Royal Flush Gang.

It's a little rough around the edges, but the concept is there. All it needs is a writer better than myself, and a cast and director to bring it to life. Let me know in the comments section down below who you would cast in each of the roles. Bear in mind, for the Rose Wilson character, that she would need to be 12-14 ideally, since she later becomes Ravager, a prominent enemy of the Teen Titans.


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