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C.j. Harding

1. He's a badass

Jensen has starred in the CW's Supernatural for nearly nine years now, and his character, Dean, is the quintessential badass. The man is essentially a walking armory, giving even a Batman a run for his money. When I watch the show, I do a double take every time he pulls out a knife or a gun. Ghost Rider is really just Dean with a motorcycle fetish and a flaming skull-head.

2. He has attitude

Dean, being the demon-hunter he is, has developed a nonchalant attitude. Living on the road has taken what little social tact he had and run it over with the Impala. Johnny Blaze? All attitude, all the time.

3. He has the looks

Johnny Blaze is supposed to be an attractive, middle-aged, rough-and-tumble guy, and Jensen, with the requisite five-o-clock shadow and alcoholism, fits the bill perfectly.

Seriously, guys. We need to rally on this. Let's picket. Petition. Something! Come on! Talk to Marvel! Spread the word, man! Jensen Ackles for Ghost Rider in 2015.


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