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Ben Van Sickle

So, I am a HUGE Transformers fan, as can be seen from the bulk of my comments bashing the Bay Bashers ironically. It’s mostly because I am a HUGE fan of both the G1 and other incarnations, such as Beast Wars, Beast Machines, as well as IDW comics series and the variations of the story from beginning to end, and considering how there have been at least a dozen Optimus Prime origins and histories, I say job well done Robert Orci and Michael Bay. Having a two year old has given me the excuse to watch ALL of them again as well!

Well, Empire magazine just gave us a glimpse of the “new” Optimus Prime. Most likely due to his arm being cut off from Dark of the Moon, he underwent an operation or two from Ratchet (they never did really explain what happened to him after Revenge of the Fallen…). More importantly, this new variation brings to mind a few different pieces of Transformers lore, such as the STAR SABER! Every movie thus far has taken pieces of different Transformers lore and utilized it somehow (whether true to a variation of its origin or an entirely new version). Perhaps the massive sword in Prime’s hand will be said Starsaber?

While also a play on a lesser known character from Japan-only releases, the Star Saber is an ancient relic who’s power responds only to the hand of a Prime, which in the most recent cartoon allowed Optimus to slice through a small mountain as well as knock Megatron’s ship out of control for a bit. Also, the image of Optimus Prime himself lends to a leaner look, one which I have mixed feelings. I for one have always loved the chest of Optimus being his windshield. It was one part of Prime that stayed the same no matter what his robot form was (except obviously Beast Wars…), but whether it was a fire truck or flat front semi or what have you, it was always there. His face is almost identical to the Transformers: Prime cartoon series.

In fact, except for the lack of windshield, the entire torso seems far more similar to the Prime series than any former incarnation. This, in my opinion, is a plus, considering he seemed a bit too bulky in the chest in the previous films. And, the color scheme is a bit more toned down in robot form in this picture too. Another plus.

This shouldn’t be too surprising since Robert Orci was the main writer for the Transformers: Prime series as well, so he probably brought a lot to the table. Don’t get me wrong, I thought they did an amazing job with the design in the first three, but in robot form Optimus was a bit loud until he had a bit of dirt and damage. And maybe that was the point, make it easier to see the difference, but still. Anyway, enough of my ranting, what do you think of Prime and the possibility of the Star Saber?


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