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Tyler Ortega

In what seems like what the joker would do to create a distraction at the nerd bank, Ben Affleck has been cast as batman in the upcoming sequel to Man of Steel, after Cristian Bale reportedly turned down fifty million for the role. Some nerds think this will be the worst idea since Bat nipples in Batman & Robin (1997), the film where Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy team up to make the most unnecessary and cheesiest puns ever, even though they’re Ideas are on the opposite sides of the spectrum seeing as one wants the next ice age and the other wants to cover the world in green trim. But others like Josh Whedon (Avengers and Buffy the Vampire Slayer) said “Ben will crush it” via twitter and Michael Keaton a former batman gave Affleck his blessing.

So I hit the streets to see what regular college kids though and the opinions I got the most were “oh god why”, “He’ll be great” and “I don’t care”. A few opinions stood out to me like Raymond Kaufman said “Ben’s a terrible choice because he doesn't have the composure to pull of Batman and Charlie Hunnam (Pacific Rim and Sons of Anarchy) is a better choice because he’s more batman-esque”.

Kiman Cuiz an employee at Gotham City Comics said “He’s happy about it because he’s body of work suggest that he’ll be a great batman but Joseph Gordon-Levitt (3rd Rock from the Sun and 50/50) would be way better because of his range from comedy to drama”.

Casting Ben as batman seems like a real “Daredevil” choice either way. It might even give him a chance to make up for that walking disaster of movie. He’s not that bad of an actor, he’s just not that great of one. Like in Gigli (2003) he wasn’t totally to blame for the horrible rating’s, the worst part part of that movie was not being able to find the remote. Ben’s done some fantastic roles like Good Will Hunting (1997), Armageddon (1998), and Argo (2012). So who knows this could be great or as bad as batman’s long-term battle with what sounds like laryngitis.


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