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Recently there have been rumors of multiple cameos in the highly anticipated "Batman vs. Superman". Ranging from Flash, and even Nightwing. But one in particular tops them all, that of course is Wonder Woman. This is important because this could be the first time we will ever see in live-action version of Wonder Woman on the big screen. But wait, why isn't she getting her own movie. We're already introducing Batman in a Superman movie, why do we have to introduce her so suddenly? The movie looks crowded already. Why can't we introduce her properly with her own movie first? I want her to have her own movie, but at the same time, I can see why she hasn't gotten one yet. Well, I think its about time I show my love to the ladies out there. Here are my reasons why it won't, but should happen.

1. WHY IT WON'T: Female Superhero Movies Have Been Known to Flop At The Box-Office

Let's see, there was "Elektra", "Supergirl", and "Catwoman", so I can kind of see why it hasn't happened yet. Not just those films but also DC films that aren't Batman or Superman related. Like "Green Lantern", they REALLY took a big risk for that movie, so I can see where this is coming from.

2. WHY IT SHOULD: If Anyone Female Superhero Deserves Her Own Movie, It's Wonder Woman

Unlike Elektra, Catwoman, or Supergirl, Wonder Woman is a character that actually deserves her own movie. She's strong, beautiful, and rides a freaking invisible jet! I mean, shes a part of the DC Trinity, alongside Superman, and Batman, so why not? The other female superhero movies just weren't done right, if this film goes well, Warner Bros, and DC, will have hit a home run.

3. WHY IT WON'T: America, And a Lot of Guys In General, are Just Flat-Out Perverted.

I'm pretty sure guys who have never read a comic book before would have, uh, >ahem<, TWO things on their mind when they look at Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman is, what I call, super-stereotyped. Other examples of this would be, Aquaman is useless, and that Batman and Robin are gay. I feel like Wonder Woman's stereotypes are something like, her feelings are what drives her powers, or she's a super-stripper, or her nails and hair comes first and crime-fighting comes last. Come on! Are you kidding me? I don't have a girlfriend, but I know how to properly respect a woman, especially comic-book women. Okay, that sounded weird. What I should've said was: I know how this character should be seen. She shouldn't be seen as a weak women who prefers to stay at home and cook dinner. But as a strong, brave, and confident female warrior. But at the same time she should also have a sensitive side to her. In this case it would be towards Steve Trevor, or Superman...or Orion...or Batman, whoever she's going to date in this movie. But anyways, she's seen by many women as a symbol of freedom, and independence. Well no wonder she was on the cover of the first issue of "Ms.Magazine".

4. WHY IT SHOULD: Fans Have Been Asking For This Movie For At Least A Decade Now.

Just like a Justice League movie, a Wonder Woman movie has asked for by fans for a while now. Warner Bros. should stop being scared of taking risks, but at the same time, they should be smart about it. For this movie, I want them to get a good director, get a good writer, get a good cast, and to use more practical effects. Because the writer, the director, and the overuse of CGI were the main problems I had with "Green Lantern". The use of little CGI certainly benfited "The Dark Knight Trilogy". And yes, even the flipping truck from the second one was practical.

5. WHY IT WON'T: Warner Bros. Has Cancelled TONS of Wonder Woman Projects Before

I can't believe Warner Bros. turned down Joss Whedon on a Wonder Woman movie. Seriously, JOSS "FREAKING" WHEDON, had the opportunity to direct a Wonder Woman movie, but WB turned them down. Well in the end, it worked out well for Disney, not so much for Warner Bros. I've said it before and I'll say it again, WARNER BROS, STOP TAKING RISKS!! Okay, from now on, I'll just refer to them as WB for the rest of the article, its getting kind of tiring.

6. WHY IT SHOULD: Warner Bros. Was Beaten By Rainfall Films

Okay, this will be my final reason. If an independent company like Rainfall Films make a great, and popular short film of Wonder Woman, then it should be very easy for a big-budget company like WB to make a full-length feature film on the character. Here's an idea, why not have WB join forces with Rainfall Films, they should make the next set of DC Comics films with WB, afterall, the upcoming "Godzilla" remake is WB's last collaboration with Legendary Pictures. I doubt they would even think about teaming up, but its just an idea, no need to write a hate comment. Not to mention, Wonder Woman has captured the attention of a few Hollywood actresses, one in particular is Jaimie Alexander, AKA Lady Sif. She's my main choice for the role. I think we can all agree, she looks really good in the role.

Come on, WB, make it happen. Trust me, I want this film to happen just as much as you do.

Well those are my reasons. Sorry its been awhile, I've been addicted to a little website called Twitter, speaking of which...

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