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My fan cast for the Batman Reboot. Keep in my mind this all opinion. If you disagree please be respectful about it.

Directed By: David Fincher.

Known For: Se7en (1996), The Game (1997) and Fight Club (1999).

Reason: I loved Se7en and Fight Club. He's done PG-13 before. He would be like the modern Tim Burton if you will.

Music By: Howard Shore.

Known For: Se7en (1996), Gangs Of New York (2002) and A History Of Violence (2005).

Reason: He could do pretty much anything. His music would fit well for Batman.

Jeffrey Donovan as Bruce Wayne/Batman.

Known for: Hitch (2005), Burn Notice (2007 - 2013) and J. Edgar (2011).

Reason: Michael Fassbender and Karl Urban are too short, Scott Adkins can't act, and Eric Bana sucks. Jeffery Donovan is a great martial artist and unlike Scott Adkins he actually act. After watching darker episodes of Burn Notice I think he'd do an amazing job as both Bruce Wayne and Batman. Not to mention his voice sounds like Kevin Conroy.


Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne/Batman.

Known for: Jay And Silent Bob Strikes Back (2001), The Town (2010), and Argo (2012).

My Thoughts: Whether you like it or not he's Batman and get over it. Daredevil was a long time ago and wasn't his fault. Just watch The Town and Argo. He might do a great job. Just give the man A GOD DAMN CHANCE!!!!!!!!!!

Terence Stamp as Alfred Pennyworth.

Known for: Superman II (1980), Bowfinger/The Limey(1999), and My Boss's Daughter (2001).

Reason: I know he was Zod in Superman II. Chris Evans was Human Torch and Captain America so why not? He's a great/underrated British actor who can be warm/kind and at the same time he can also be a bad ass. I think he would do an amazing job.

Bryan Cranston as Commissioner James Gordon.

Known for: Malcolm In The Middle (2000 - 2005), Breaking Bad (2008 - 2013) and Batman Year One (2011).

Reason: Cranston deserves to play Gordon in live action. Not to mention he looks like him. He's a terrific actor and he can do anything.

Michael Madsen as Detective Harvey Bullock.

Known for: Reservoir Dogs (1993), Free Willy (1993) and Donnie Brasco (1997).

Reason: Do I really need to say much.

Matt Boomer as Dick Grayson/Nightwing.

Known for: Guiding Light (2001 - 2002), White Collar (2009) and In Time (2011).

Reason: Look, he just fits the role okay.

Jensen Ackles as Jason Todd/Robin/Red Hood.

Known for: Supernatural (2005 - Present), My Bloody Valentine (2009) and Batman Under Red Hood (2011).

Reason: He voiced him in Batman Under The Red Hood. So Why not?

Logan Lermen as Tim Drake/Robin.

Known for: 3:10 Yuman (2007),Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief (2010) and The Perks Of Being A Windflower.

Reason: I don't' he's a good actor, and I think he would do a good job.

Denzel Washington as Lucius Fox.

Known for: Malcolm X (1993), Man On Fire (2004) and The Great Debaters (2007).

Reason: This was so hard for me to think of because Morgan Freeman was SO PERFECT. Then I though of Washington. He's a great actor and I think he could pull it off.

Kate Beckinsale as Selina Kyle/Catwoman.

Known for: Underworld (2003), The Aviator (2004) and Total Recall (2012).

Reason: I originally had Angelina Jolie in mind, but I realized she'd never do it. She's really good looking a solid actress and she could totally pull it off. Not mention she can do great action.

Gemma Arteron as Talia Al Ghul.

Known for: Quantam of Solace (2008), Clash Of The Titans (2010) and Hansel and Gretel (2010).

Reason: Weird choice but it would work.

Emma Stone as Pamela Isley/Poison Ivy.

Known for: Super Bad (2007), The Help (2011) and Gangster Squad (2013).

Reason: I know she was Gwen Stacy. But again if Chris Evans can do it why not Emma Stone? She's a really good actress/really good looking and it is indeed a weird choice but it would work.

Katee Sackhoff as Dr. Harleen Quinzel/Harley Quinn.

Known for: Battlestar Galactica (2004), White Noise 2 (2007) and Riddick (2013).

Reason: A lot of people suggest Amanda Seyfried but she's too young and innocent for me. Plus she's not good looking. I would like a good looking Harley Quinn. Sackhoff seems to understand the character so why not?

Stanley Tucci as Dr. Hugo Strange.

Known for: Terminal (2004), Devil Wears Proda (2005) and The Lovely Bones (2010).

Reason: Nuff said. Just watch the Lovely Bones.

Ralph Fiennes as Dr. Victor Fries/Mr. Freeze.

Known for: Red Dragon (2002), Harry Potter and The Goblet Of Fire (2005) and Clash Of The Titans (2010).

Reason: I was originally gonna go with Patrick Stewart, but he'd never do it. Then I thought of Fiennes. He would be much better than Arnold Shwartzneger.

Paul Giamatti as Oswald Copplepot/The Penguin.

Known for: Saving Private Ryan (1999), Big Fat Liar (2002) and Shoot Em Up (2007).

Reason: It's such a shame he's playing Rhino. He's a fantastic actor (much like Bryan Cranston he could do anything) and he played a fantastic bad guy in Shoot Em Up.

Michael C. Hall as Edward Nigma/The Riddler.

Known for: Sex Under Feet (2001), Dexter (2006 - 2013) and Gamer (2009).

Reason: I've heard his name pop up for Lex Luthor, but personally I prefer him as The Riddler. Just watch Gamer.

Steve Buscemi as Dr. Johnathan Crane/The Scarecrow.

Known for: Reservoir Dogs (1993), Fargo (1996) and Mr. Deeds (2002).

Reason: This was hard for me to think of because Cillain Murphy was so PERFECT for the part. After watching Fargo Steve Buscemi would make an awesome Scarecrow.

Jason Isaacs as Ra's Al Ghul.

Known for: The Patriot (2000), Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets (2003) and Batman Under Red Hood (2010).

Reason: Well, he voice him Batman Under The Red Hood so why not?

Crispin Glover as The Joker.

Known for: Back To The Future (1985), Charlie's Angles (2000) and Willard (2003).

Reason: I mean come on he's basically the Joker in real life. He's played creepy before. Just watch Willard or Charlie's Angles. And come on, he looks great in make up.

So let me know what you think. You can disagree but please be respectful about it. Let's debate.


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