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Tyrus Bradshaw

With all the talk in DC/WB land surrounding the much rumored yet to be titled Batman vs. Superman. There has been talk of possible appearances by Wonder Women, Nightwing, even a connection to CW’s show Arrow which is getting better with each episode. Actor Stephen Amell aka “Arrow” has expressed his interest in being a part of the oh so slowly moving new DC cinematic Universe.

If Arrow is to appear (which I doubt, since it would make too much sense for DC/WB to actually connect a hit series to their new “shared Universe”) it would also bring on other DC characters appearing within the show, Black Canary and most recently Barry Allen, the Flash, who will make his debut in next week’s episode “The Scientist”. Grant Gustin who will portray Allen will appear in a number of Arrow episodes and will then spin off into his own show.

With all the mention of possible heroes being involved in the Man of Steel sequel the question that comes to mind is what about Green Lantern? With DC so hung up on rebooting characters, this is the one character that they definitely need to reboot, no more Ryan Reynolds please!! I would not mind seeing Hal Jordan represent Green Lantern in the much rumored Justice League film, there has been a growing fan support for John Stewart. Talk of late has fans, as well as yours truly, rooting for Idris Elba to represent the Lantern Corps in the form of Stewart.

Elba recently reprised his role as Heimdall in Marvel smash hit "Thor: The Dark Word", and although he is given a bit more screen time it is time for Elba to be given the keys to portray a significant character that can spin him off into his own action film, what better character than Green Lantern, he looks just like Stewart. He has the attitude, the serious theatrical presence that makes him relevant in any film he is in, you feel his ability to act and portray his character. Recently watched Pacific Rim and all I could think of is how “this is John Stewart”. His no nonsense straight to the point, duty driven self sacrificing mentality, the ability to lead in effortly within the character he portrayed in not only Pacific Rim, but in his TV show “Luther” as well as Thor.

In an interview with IGN, Elba gave a little input of his desire to play a more prominent super hero, his comments: “I’d like to play a real one, you know, one who gets to do some real superhero work, but we’ll see.”

There was talk about Idris playing Luke Cage back in 2010 but those talks have since have quieted, however many have been sounding off casting calls for him (including myself) to portray not only characters such as Stewart or Luke cage but Jonn Jonzz aka Martian Manhunter or Marvel’s Black Panther, these are all characters that Elba would knock out of the park. He has that “it” movie presence that a Lawrence Fishburn, Robert de Niro, Harrison Ford Denzel Washington, Christian Bale ,Liam Neeson, or Bruce Willis has, which will all but guarantee any character he portrays to be a success.

John Stewart is an interesting character, there is a lot of mystery surrounding his life, in the Justice League /Justice League unlimited series much of his origin was not explained just brief looks into his personal life, which leaves so much opportunity to treat and surprise fans with a compelling origin story starring Elba as Lantern. Love the episode in which Stewart returns home to his old neighborhood in Justice League “In Blackest Night”, they touched upon how he had been away for so long and although he had changed, his old neighborhood and some of the familiar faces he saw had not, reminding him of simpler times. When a Justice League movie is made I hope that a Green Lantern will be a part of the roster, Stewart would make a more interesting yet compelling addition to the team as a Lantern. A fan recently tweeted a picture of Elba as Green Lantern which caught the actor’s attention with him commenting "Thank you baby love. I like this idea," Hopefully DC/WB makes up for their casting of Batman and choose Elba to portray the Green Lantern to help lead their shared universe, but don’t hold your breath on this one.


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