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Movie 1 of 7 in Ben Affleck's Batman Reboot.

This movie is titled "Batman: World's Greatest Detective". Directed and starring Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne/Batman.


In this star-studded lineup, the Batman franchise is rebooted but this time without an origin story. This movie needs all the time needed to develop characters and Batman's beginning story is very well engrained in our minds.

The Riddler (David Tennant) begins to tell his story and sort of introduce us to what kind of character he is.

Hugo Strange (Robin Williams) is the 2nd half of the villains for this movie and he is a psychiatrist who's patient is Edward Nygma.

Bruce Wayne is also a patient of Strange whom comes to him for weekly checkups. The physical and emotional toll it takes on him leads to him seeing professional help. These 3 connections can make for an interesting plot down the line. (Wayne and Nygma can cross paths without knowing their true identities.)

Harvey Dent (Joel Edgerton) is Bruce's friend and helps him from the legal side to help take down crime in Gotham. (Ones out on the streets, one's in the courtroom)

Vicki Vale (Rachel McAdams) is Bruce's love interest and her backstory is to be revealed in later movies.

Hugo Strange is going to be a reoccurring villain, making this The Riddler's time to shine. Strange will figure out Nygma is the Riddler after Nygma lashes out a couple of attacks against Gotham and psychological trauma towards Batman and it shows through the weekly visits. Strange figures out Nygma is The Riddler and they team up to take down/unmask Batman.


Bruce Wayne/Batman: Ben Affleck

Alfred Pennyworth: Jeremy Irons

Hugo Strange: Robin Williams

Jim Gordon: Bryan Cranston

Edward Nygma/The Riddler: David Tennant

Harvey Dent: Joel Edgerton

Vicki Vale: Rachel McAdams

Lucius Fox: Ron Glass

That's it for the 1st installment of 'Affleck's Batman Reboot' Hope you dug the plot and the actors/actress cast. Stick around for the sequel!


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