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Aaron Ku Gonzalez

Hello moviepilots, I'm a big fan of Animation especially Japanese Anime. I love to read manga, and watch anime. You know I was thinking the other day that I have seen many types of anime's such as Evangelion, Saint Seiya, Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Akira and many many more. But I also said to myself you know, they have a lot of Anime out there, so why haven't they made an Avengers Anime? Seeing how successful The Avengers have been on screen I was thinking why not! So I posted a picture above of what the Avengers Anime could possibly look like.

I was researching and I know that they have made a lot of Anime's with the X- Men, Wolverine, Blade and Iron Man, but none with The Avengers. To be honest, I would be psyched if they made an Avengers Anime with the same tone, violence and graphic detail. What do you think movie pilots? Would you like to see an Avengers Anime with a serious tone? sound off on the comments below.

Blade Anime

X-Men Anime

Iron-Man Anime

Wolverine Anime


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