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Jon Soyka

I personally am a huge fan of Marvel. Iron man was one of my favorite movies.. The Avengers was great. Thor the Dark World... awesome..

That being said, DC and Warner Brothers are in an incredible position to take over the comic book superhero-movie universe..

Disney/Marvel have shown us what they are made of. We have seen their best. We loved it. We want more.

We want more. We want different. When someone says superhero, no one instantly thinks, "Iron Man... Hulk... Thor.."

Our minds immediately scream BATMAN.. SUPERMAN..

Like every other child ever, when I was younger I wanted to be one person.. Superman.

No one ever says, "One day, I want to be the leader of the Avengers." They want to say, "I run the JUSTICE LEAGUE!"

We have had our fill of giant green monsters... We get it, Tony Stark is smart... And oh ya, how old are you Captain America.. 726? (There really isn't anything bad to say about Thor)


1. Aquaman

If done right, this could be the best superhero movie yet.

2. Ben Affleck

Everything this guy touches is gold... I feel as if he is never really trying very hard. I feel as if he doesn't really care if people like him or not. I know that he wins awards for how great he is at making movies..

3. Henry Cavil

This guy is the definition of Superman.

4. Un-casted potential... are you kidding me??

The biggest advantage DC has is that they have the opportunity do whatever they want. They still get to cast Lex Luthor (I want Matt Damon). They still get to cast Commissioner Gordon (I want Bryan Cranston for this role..) They still get to go in whatever direction they want.

5. Did I mention the Flash??


DC has the chance to change everyones mind. DC has the chance to reunite us with our dreams. DC has the chance to make everyone, even if it is just for a second, feel like Superman.

And oh ya.. DC gets to make 'The Justice League'..


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