ByMichael DeSouza, writer at
Michael DeSouza

Hey this is my first article so brace yourselves!

So most of you probably know that recently a new Amazing Spider-Man 2 poster has been released and I have some thoughts, if this is the Sinister Six (maybe it's not, just a thought!) where are the other three members? This is a fairly large poster so what if there is more in the poster than we can see in the photos? Maybe some hidden references?

Anyway, the remaining members are Kraven the Hunter, Mysterio, and Vulture OR Doctor Octopus. Green Goblin wasn't an original member so I sense the producers are gonna drop a member to fit him in. If you look behind The Rhino there is something which looks similar to one of Doc Ock's arms. Lets say he's in, that leaves five more!

Maybe we will get clarity when the trailer comes out alongside The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug! Hope you enjoyed!


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