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I know a few things..
Cedric Cannon

As the constant debate about who is the best choice for the coveted role goes on and on many names have been listed more than others, yet I see one name not mentioned at all that in my opinion is the clear choice Ms Paula Patton.

First and foremost is her beauty. Her obvious mixed race heritage makes the character that was created by the gods alot more appealing. As a demi god aligned with Greco Roman history a mediterranean or mixed ethnic actress seems a better representation and also supports the notion of Wonder Woman being representative of all women.

Secondly, Paula Patton is squarely on the A-list without people really being overexposed to her. Her acting chops are unquestioned as she has held her own with Denzel Washington (on more than one film), Mark Wahlberg and Tom Cruise. Ghost Protocol also showcased her action heroine abilities.

As far as star power she can probably be contracted for a reasonable sum as she is still a bit under the radar and except for MI and rumored Warcraft (both of which she is in supporting roles) she has no major franchise to speak of.

Jamie Alexander may have caught the fanboys attention for her portrayal of Lady Sif and Gina Carano can surely kick butt, however Wonder Woman is one of DC/WBs crown jewels and so much is riding on her portrayal from the moment she appears onscreen that you need a qualified actress who can also give you the action. In my opinion that is Paula Patton.


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