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The Haunting Of Harry Payne is a British horror film written by John Mangan and directed by Martyn Pick. It is a atmospheric thriller starring Tony Scannell, Graham Cole, Anouska Mond, Fliss Walton, Katy Manning, P.H. Moriarty and Neil Maskell. The plot follows Harry Payne who lives a very unsettled life even as an ex-gangster now seeking a new start after his release from incarceration.

After settling in a small community to be near his wife who has been committed to a nearby hospice for mental issues, more troubles come to Harry Payne. He becomes the prime suspect of a series of brutal murders while dealing with the reputation that has followed him. However there are more maleficent works at play. The Haunting Of Harry Payne is a modern blend of supernatural thriller and murder mystery twisted into one chillingly good tale.

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