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Nightmares, Religion, Cannibals and Queers. These are not normally things that one would expect to coincide in a working concept. Yet there is a small place in pop culture where these aspects of modern horror find a sweet spot to grow into a beautiful phantasm. That place is LGB&T Horror community. A collective of talented independent filmmakers who thrive in the nightmare realm of chilling story telling, where the messages are often dark satires of this twisted incongruent world we live in. For a lot of people horror is home, it is the place we can escape to, wrapped in the haunting atmospheric horrors of fiction. Often overlooked or displayed with hyperbolic grandeur, the gay characters storyline is either a clown for amusement or the object of discontent, it is nice that a place breathes life into strong characters who just happen to be gay. So where am I going with this somewhat zealous rant? I am simply expressing a true appreciation for a select portion of the genre that I love so dear, where I can comfortably step into nightmares, push my nerves and tolerance to the limit, simply for my own twisted pleasure. A place where the characters and stories offer enough material for me as a gay horror fan to gleefully enjoy and totally relate to. This brings me to the purpose of this article and a little indie film titled “Sacrament”.

Shawn Ewert is a indie director from Texas, who is about to step out onto the stage of blood and gore with his debut feature film “Sacrament”. The film will premiere at next year’s Fears For Queers on June 7th at the Texas Theatre in Dallas. He has two short films already completed, 2010’s “Jack’s Bad Day” and 2011’s “Property Lines”. With “Sacrament” however, Shawn Ewert is really bringing it big time with a twisted tale of perverse religiousity in stark, chilling absoluteness. The film isn’t necessarily a gay horror film, simply put it is a horror film that has strong characters that are gay. “Sacrament” is really a provocative horror story that Ewert fears may, at moments, offend some viewers, force the audience to push their comfort level. In talking with Shawn about the film and what fans can expect from his film, our conversation went on, I realized that really what to see this fucking movie.

“Sacrament” follows a group of friends on a weekend excursion to to South Padre Island. Unfortunately for them a big storm forces them to detour to the small slice of Southern Americana in the town of Middle Spring. The coastal vacation plans of booze, bud and bonding becomes one of horrors. The residents welcome the group into the community with open arms, but this sentiment of southern hospitality comes with a more twisted,fanatical intent that reveals a more sinister embrace of Biblical text by the townsfolk which will have the misplaced weekenders in a fight for survival. The story and all the aspects of what Shawn Ewert is going for in “Sacrament” is set to be one of the pictures that push issues and ideology into areas that are difficult to watch while simultaneously thrilling the viewer. Check out all the things Ewert had to say in our conversation about “Sacrament”, horror fandom, and the LGB&T contribution to the genre we all love so much.

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